What Kind of Radiation are you?

Radioactive atoms are those whose nucleus is unstable, which ultimately comes from the balance of protons and neutrons. Radiation consists of mainly alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays; which one are you?

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What is your mass?



~0 AMU


Exactly 0 AMU


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What is your charge?







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Which of these do you most closely resemble?

A Helium-4 atom


An electron


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Can you penetrate through a sheet of paper?





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Can you penetrate through a sheet of Aluminum?





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When your decay occurs, does the nucleus emit a ray of energy or a particle?

A ray of energy


A particle


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How does your decay affect the nucleus in terms of protons?

The atomic number increases by 1


The atomic number does not change


The atomic number decreases by 2


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Is your particle a new element?





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Alpha Particle

You are an Alpha Particle! During Alpha decay, unstable nuclei will lose an alpha particle - a Helium-4 atom. Alpha rays are the weakest and can be stopped by a sheet of paper.

Beta Particle

You are a beta particle! Beta decay occurs in an unstable nucleus where one electron will leave the atom, increasing it's atomic number by 1 and it's charge by +1.

Gamma Ray

Rather than being a particle like alpha or beta particles, you are a Gamma Ray! Gamma rays are penetrating rays of electromagnetic radiation emitted after radioactive decay in a nucleus. You are so powerful that you can go through human skin, making you very dangerous! You can only be stopped by large amounts of lead or concrete.