Should I Buy An Extended Warranty?

Answer these questions to learn if an extended car warranty could be worth it for you.

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How many miles does your car have?

Less than 50,000


Between 50,000 and 100,000


Between 150,000 and 200,000


Over 200,000


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Is your car still under the manufacturer's warranty?





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What is your car's service and repair history?

Lots of repairs


Just basic maintenance


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Do you have savings?



Some, but not a lot




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You want access to the savings in the event of a serious malfunction, your car is pretty unreliable, or you want access to the included benefits like roadside assistance.

Alternatively, you could discipline yourself to put the money you would spend on a car warranty into a savings account. If you're just interested in roadside assistance, you might find a better deal from companies that specialize in that.


You're comfortable relying on your car or you actively save for unexpected expenses. You'll still want to make sure that you have good auto insurance.

Extended Warranty Not Available

Most car warranty companies stop covering cars after 200,000 miles. Your car has too many miles on it to qualify for an extended service contract. Maybe it's time for a new car?

Maybe in the Future

Your car is still covered under the original warranty. When the warranty expires, you can reconsider whether or not you want to purchase extended coverage.