Spiritual Arts Personality Quiz

Which of the 7 elements in Spiritual Arts are you the closest with?

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What kind of activities do you most prefer on a typical day?

Reading or writing wherever


Games or sports


Creating pieces of originality, dancing, drawing, crafts


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If you only had these items with you, what would you rather eat first?

Raw deer meat


A sip of water of ocean water


Dew off of poisonous flowers


Screws and nails


Two year expired energy drink


Poisonous berries in the wild




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Which creature do you like the most?

Dead deer






Random Robot


Bratty kids






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What mindset do you have while you jog?

"I feel dead"


"I must do this"


"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"


"Can I please go back to my computer?"


"I love this!"


"For Sparta!"


"This is not beautiful at all"


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If you were to choose a spell to use, which one do you think you would prefer the most?

Deathly feeling spell


360° seeing spell


Breaking spell


Auto operating spell


Endurance spell


Summoning spell


Paintbrush wand spell


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Do you like to be alone or have people's presence with you?

People's presence




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What do you hope to do accomplish first in life?

Make a lots of money


Be happy


Accomplish a lot 


Respect life


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How do you get people's attention?

By being as smart as possible


Play pranks on people


Being super creative


Being a bad boy/girl


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Which color do you like out of all of these? (Maximum 2 colors)

Night Black


Mindful Pink


Powerful Red


Cyber Green


Modern Blue


Old Brown


Colorful Secondaries


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Which elemental magic sounds the most interesting to you?















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Death Magic / Necromancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Necromancy.

Necromancy is the manipulation of the dead.

High level Necromancy involves large amounts of the dead manipulation and dark energy generated from raising the dead, which can be used offensively and defensively. Because Necromancers can raise any dead being with substance from their resting place, they are as powerful until the amount of diversity of pre-existing life forms there is. Using dark energy, they can also corrupt their targets and destabilize spells if powerful enough. They are also very capable of creating illusions using the dark energies.

Psychic Magic / Telemancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Telemancy.

Telemancy is the art of using the mind to perform telekinesis.

High level Telemancy involves expansion or compression of the physical form at great speeds mentally as well as the power of the inner eye, which can see 360 degrees, through walls, read minds, find hidden magical traps, and the anticipation of lightning quick occurrences. Telemancers are also capable of casting powerful illusions better than Necromancers.

Power Magic / Ergomancy

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Ergomancy.

Ergomancy is the manipulation of spirits energy.

High level Ergomancy involves ease of breaking apart physical sturdy objects through Potentia, or spirit energy. Powerful spirit energy is capable of taking forms of powerful spirits which are usually in the form of the characteristics of biotic species.

Nova Magic / Futurumtory

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Futurumtory.

Futurumtory is the art of military through the uses of a single magical energy called a pixel cube. The cubes are the weapons because they are the building blocks that can mimic the same effects as the weapon, projectile, and especially pieces of technology. Each of them have a neon green light in its core that illuminates the entire cube.

High level Futurumtory is capable of forming pixel cubes into highly dangerous explosives and into very dangerous androids. Futurumtorers can also form the cubes together into a defensive system, or create a bunker to shield from air attacks.

Modern Magic / Praesentory

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Praesentory.

Praesenstory is the art of controlling modern ideas and objects. The objects and ideas that are involved in this magic is everyday life which involves objects like kitchen utilities, education utilities, etc. It can also involve games of all sorts like video games, board games, sports, arcade games, etc. It is the essence of a human life and the objects and ideas they interact with everyday to a magical level, which is quite dangerous, because they can become highly weaponized.

High level Praesentory wields the most dangerous modern objects that humans know of, and it could be things like boxing, or cutting food.

Myth Magic / Anteactustory

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Anteactustory.

Anteactustory is the art of creating pre-existing ideas or conjuring mythological creatures.

High level Anteactustory involves harnessing the power of mythological gods and wielding their abilities. However, the less understanding a wizard has of the element of their summoned god, the less likely they are to be unable to be one with mythological gods. Anteactustory also involves harnessing the power of runes and unleashing its might.

Art Magic / Arsturge

Looks like one of your elemental affinities is Arsturge.

Arsturge is the art of all arts.
High level Arsturge utilizes the three most powerful forms of art. Visual, audio, and language in a harmonic fashion. Basically non-fiction storytelling magic.

Language – Sermoturge:
The diversity of words is vital to powerful incantations.

Image – Figuraturge
The less it takes to convey an image, the more effective this art is.

Music – Musicaturge
The evoking of shockwaves and sound leads to high level skill.