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Tell Us Your Taste In Art & We'll Tell You Which Opera Style Best Suits You

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Pick a word. 











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What do you want art to make you feel?

Intense emotion. 


To reflect on our real-world experience. 


I want to have a good time. 


I want to go back in time. 


None of the above. 


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Pick a book. 

The Lord of the Rings


Manon Lescaut


The Antichrist


The Betrothed




3 / 11

Pick an opera singer. 

Birgit Nilsson


Maria Callas


Natalie Dessay


Franco Corelli


Danielle De Niese


4 / 11

Pick a French painter. 

Jacque-Louis David


Edgar Degas


Claude Monet


August Renoir


Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres


5 / 11

Pick a voice type.  









Spinto Soprano


6 / 11

Which of these would you read a biography about? 

Otto von Bismark


Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel




Alexandre Dumas


None of the above


7 / 11

Pick a color. 









None of the above


8 / 11

Pick a subject. 











None of the above


9 / 11

Pick a musical group / artist. 



Celine Dion


Kanye West


The Beatles




10 / 11

How important is the story of an opera to you? 

It's all about the music for me. 


The words and music must work together, so a credible story is essential. 


As long as there are solid characters. 


Don't really care honestly. 


11 / 11

Baroque / Classical

You love your lengthy arias, your stories of God and ancient heroes, and this sense of the ethereal. For you, it's definitely the operas of Handel or perhaps those of Mozart that would occupy you for days.

Bel Canto

It's all about vocal fireworks and catchy tunes for you, even if the plots tend toward the melodramatic. Donizetti, Rossini, Bellini, and much of Verdi's operas are definitely the ones you tune in to constantly.

French Grand Opera

You want to be swept up in an epic romance because it's all about heightened emotions for you on the biggest scale possible. Halevy, Meyerbeer, Massenet. Name one and you'll be happy.


Full-blooded passion is always on your mind, especially if it tells stories about worlds or characters that you feel you could find yourself immersed with. You don't necessarily care if the story is intellectually motivated as long as it is intensely passionate. Operas like Puccini's "La Bohème" or Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" are definitely up your alley.

German Music Drama

Give you a complex and philosophical story with expansive melodies and you feel right at home. Wagner and Strauss' Epics are the works that make you happiest.