The Pinterest Health Check

Find out how well you are using Pinterest to promote your Business.

Don't worry about being right or wrong, just be honest. The quiz was designed to help you discover how you currently use Pinterest for your business and how you can use it even more to get better results.


How long have you been using Pinterest?

I've been pinning for Less than a year 


Over a year now, I can’t get enough of it!


I was a founding member. I’ve been around since before Pinterest became a household name.


I literally just started


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What does your Pinterest profile say about you?

I have my name and what I do


I have my name, what I do, and how I can help them.


I added my name, what I do, how I can help them and I sprinkled in a few keywords with a link to a freebie (just for good measure).


Absolutely nothing!


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Do you have rich pins enabled?

If you want me to know what you’re talking about, I need to understand you.


Of course I do! It was one of the first things I did when I set up my business profile.


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How do you attract more pinners to your Pinterest Profile?

Isn't just pinning new content enough?


I've added a "Pin" button to Facebook.


I've added a "Share" button to my website.


I've got my Pinterest board embedded on my website.


I tell people to like follow me via my newsletter


I do all of this plus, other ninja stuff you most probably don't know!


I rarely pin anything.


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What type of Pins do you create?

I'm always creating 'How To' pins. They do really well with my audience.


I'm an affiliate marketer by heart so my pins link to affiliate offers


I love Infographics. You need an infographic? I've got one!


I create a variety of different pins to make up for the fact that not everyone responds to the same type of pin.


I don't consider it. I just make a pin and pin it to my profile.


I don't create pins.


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When you think about Pinterest Images, which statement resonates most with you?

Pinterest images are not that important, it’s the content that matters


Images are important so it’s important to spend a lot of time creating them


It’s a combination of all these things, really. You want an attractive image with an eye-catching title, otherwise, no one will click through to read your amazing article.


To be honest, I haven't given it much thought.


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Alright, Halfway there! What is your strategy for creating group boards?

I just create boards, I don’t think too much about who would like what


I create boards about whatever I like and I have a couple I think my ideal client could relate to.


I create boards with my ideal client in mind. I want them to look at my profile and see lots of different information they can relate to. The other boards are all secret.


I don't create group boards.


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What do you do when you want to attract a larger audience to visit your website from Pinterest?

I use Pinterest conversion tracking so that Pinterest can identify the type of people who visit my site. That way, when I run ads, Pinterest will have a clearer understanding of what type of person is likely to visit my site.


I just read the answer above and I'm thinking 'Wait, what? Pinterest has conversion tracking? I thought repinning was the only way to get more repins'


I'd just pin more frequently to get more views in any given period


I have not considered it.


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How often do you pin to your boards each day?

Occasionally, I often forget. Look, it’s hard to remember on top of everything else I have to do


I log on a few times a day and pin something I think my audience will like


Who has time to log in multiple times a day? I automated Pinterest faster than I can say Pinterest!


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When repinning a pin, which statement describes you most?

I check all the links work, read the post to make sure it’s quality (okay, only sometimes), update the pin descriptions, and pin it to a relevant board.


I check the link works and then I repin it


I just repin it, where’s the science?


I rarely ever pin!


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How do you use Pinterest to grow your list?

Well, I haven’t done that yet!


I just link my pin to a post. Hopefully, people will like it enough to sign up for my mailing list


I create an awesome looking pin, link it to a landing page and bam! Here come the new subscribers!


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How do you track the success of your Pinterest Profile?

The analytics on my Pinterest profile says my traffic is increasing, so I’d say my Pinterest profile is doing well! 


Well, I do get enquiries from Pinterest so I guess that shows my Pinterest account is a success, right?


I calculate the click-through rates and conversations to determine what I should and shouldn't be spending time on.


I don't really track the success of my pins.


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Ok, last question...When you think about Pinterest ads, do you think…?

Not really sure about who to target or how to do it.


I’ve thought about it a little, but it was just a thought.


I’ve tried them and it was the biggest waste of money ever.


I’ve used them and would use them again in the future, they were definitely valuable.


I want to start using them but I’d need to know more before making the investment


13 / 13

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