What accounting profession is right for you?

This quiz will match you with potential accounting professions depending on your skills and preference. The results page also includes a link to open positions in this field. 

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Which of these are you best at?

Solving complex problems


Winning debates


Helping others


Convincing people to join causes I care about


Empathizing with people


1 / 7

Do you enjoy working in teams?





2 / 7

Do you enjoy doing research?





3 / 7

Do you thrive on routine or prefer the unexpected?

Bring on the unexpected!


I prefer a routine


I like a good balance


4 / 7

How much are you willing to travel for work?



once a year


once a quarter


once a month


once a week


5 / 7

Do you enjoy working in Excel?





6 / 7

Do you plan to sit for the CPA exam?







7 / 7


You love and do best in structured and project based work environment. Combined with your love of learning about and solving complex problems means a career path in audit is well suited to you.


You enjoy building relationships and helping those around you. This combined with a passion for research means that a career in tax is for you!

Industry Accounting

You find fulfillment in helping drive results and support a brand you care about. This combined with your need for stability proves that industry accounting is for you!

Forensic Accounting

You have a strong moral compass and believe that those who do wrong should be prosecuted. You also digging deep into a complex problem and won't stop until it is solved.

Transfer Pricing

You love learning about different industries, countries, and working in multicultural teams. Combined with your project based work preference a career in transfer pricing is well suited to you!