What Do You Need More Of In Your Life Right Now?

Find out what you need more of in your life!

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Which of these colors are you drawn to at this moment in time?


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Which image makes you feel good right now as you look at it?


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If you released a Genie from it's bottle, in this very moment what would you ask for?

A family where we understand, accept & support each other.


My very own time machine so I can explore all time, past & future.


To eat everything I want, maintaining a lean, fit & healthy body.


The ability to see beauty in all things.


To know the purpose for the hardships I've endured.


To know how to create success in everything I do.


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Which of these images do you feel captures your essence?


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Which of these resonate most with you?


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If you could snap your fingers and release one limiting belief, what would it be?

I am not good enough, never have been, never will be.


I have bad luck, things just don't work out for me.


People don't hear me and don't value my ideas.


Nothing works out for me, I'm a failure.


I don't love myself, no body loves me.


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LOVE is the energy that connects all things. It is present in all life, you only just have to look for it and you will see it, feel it, hear it. It is the energy that heals all things, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To strengthen your connection to this awesome Love energy, you only need decide to look for it and feel it.


WISHING is quite fun when you allow the element of magic to join in. Just thinking and pretending that your desire will happen. Sending out your wish, your desire to all the energies that be, and then allowing inspiration to drop in.


PLAYfulness is absolutely necessary for your health and well being. Give yourself a break and nurture your spirit. Let go and let it all in, fun, inspiration, love, and so much more. When allowing yourself to be easy, to be silly and just play, you then allow all your wishes and desires to flow to you easily. It’s all about vibration. When you are vibrating in that fun playful space only good things can flow.


SMILING is so uplifting. Having someone smile at you will always uplift your spirits, smiles are contagious if you allow them. Just smiling at others makes you feel good, even if you were not feeling so great to begin with. There is something very magical about a smile, and therapeutic.


Your Higher Self communicates with you in your dream time as you sleep, and also in your awake time as you visualize. Allow yourself the freedom, the open air, free space as in the clouds, that floating time as in meditation to just be with your thoughts of the wonderful life you want to live.