What Do Your Food Choices Say About You?

Are you a Nutritional Einstein, Above Average, or a Food Clown?

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What kind of breakfast eater are you?

Muffin, pancakes, sugary cereal,  pastry, bagel.


Fruit, plain nonfat yogurt, avocado toast, veggie  omelette, oatmeal.


Heavy on the bacon or  sausage, cheese and potatoes, please.


No breakfast. Nada.


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Meal time! I'm more likely to have...

cooked at home. 


heated up a pizza or frozen meal.


stopped at a restaurant or gotten take-away.


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When I'm thirsty, I look for...

Water, unsweetened tea, 0-calorie drinks


Soda, juice, sweet iced tea or other sweet drinks


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We've all heard, "Eat a variety of foods." What does this mean to you?

Eat at a buffet. Often.


Eat the colors of the rainbow in fruits and vegetables.


Chips one day, candy the next, ice cream or cookies the following... 


4 / 7

You've got the choice of a big salad with grilled chicken OR a burger for your lunch. You think...

I'll have the burger BUT with a side salad instead of fries.


What does it matter? I have crappy genes anyway. I'll have the burger and fries.


No contest. Salad with chicken. That's who I am.


5 / 7

It is my opinion that...

Vegetables are ok - I 'm open to eating them more often.


Vegetables rock - can I eat them for snacks and at breakfast, too?


Vegetables should be smothered in cheese or banished altogether.


6 / 7

It's 9 pm and you're feeling a little hungry. Do you...

Start looking through the cupboards for something tasty?


Have a relaxing bath or cup of herbal tea instead?


Follow your late snacking rule: a little fruit, vegetable, or other healthy single-ingredient snack.


7 / 7

Food Clown

Let's face it - until now, you've been a bit of a Food Clown (or, as we like to say, a Master of Food Clownery). You may have picked up some bad information or got caught up in the latest food fad. Blame it on a friend, the scientists, your social media buddies, or an inauspicious astrological year. Maybe your dog ate your willpower, or an alien abduction left you feeling overly hungry this year. You've got this. It's time to put aside Food Clownish- ways and be the rockstar of good health you were born to be!

Nutritional Einstein

All the hype and misinformation out there hasn't fooled you! You've got it together. All that healthy eating is good for your big brain, Nutritional Einstein! Get out there and inspire somebody else to eat the way you do. The world needs you... step away from the chalkboard and share your healthy eating savvy!

Above Average

Sure, you've got some things to improve, but you're definitely ahead of the pack. Well done you! Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a fist bump, pull a Usain Bolt, do a little dance. Now use that celebratory energy to pick one quiz question you know you could do better on, and do it. You rock!