What Do Your Shopping Habits Say About You?

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When you can't decide what to wear for a special event, do you shop for something new?

Yes, you know I do!


No, it's not necessary




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I consider myself very patient.





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If I want a slice of cake after a meal, I get it. No delay.





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When planning a vacation, which do you do?

I plan a year in advance, make deposits and get excited!


I book the days of months ahead and start planning step by step


I usually plan it last minute and check my bank account first


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I walk into a store for one thing and leave with more than I needed

This is true, I cannot lie


No, I don't do this


Once in a while


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I enjoy surprising my loved ones with gifts 

Absolutely! I love a good surprise


No. Waste of money


On holidays like Christmas, sure


I don't have cash to buy food, yet alone gifts


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My friends count on me for spontaneous plans

They sure do!


Not really. I like to plan


Depends on my mood.


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Never have I ever, randomly started to sing in public



Uhm, yes yes..I have


I don't like to sing


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If I needed an item urgently, I would:

Go to the closest store to buy it - expensive or not!


Drive the extra 10 mins to get exactly what I need


If it was urgent I'd already have it. So, I would go without it.


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I never go out of my way for strangers, unless I have to

True. No shame


False. I'm a good person to everyone!


Depends what they're willing to do for me..


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You're going away for the weekend. Where would you go?

Somewhere close by I haven't visited in a while


NYC or London. Go big or go home


Anywhere within 4hrs by plane/ train/ bus


I'd prefer to stay home


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Describe your perfect date/ day

Walking along cute shops and cafes in a small town. Grab lunch near the waterfront, followed by wine and cozy blankets back at home


Watersport adventures or sailing for the day. Soaking up the sun and breathing in the ocean air! Tapas for dinner


Begin at a lush restaurant and gelato downtown; surrounded by lively city vibes


Helicopter ride to wine country, giggling off sips of wine and riding horses down the valley


A day at the amusement park. Go-karts, roller coasters, cotton candy, corn dogs. 


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I shop to kill time;







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I love to read books.

Yes. Knowledge is power


Too boring for me


Do magazines count?


What's a book?


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I know the difference between pastel pink, blush and coral.

Yes. Duh


Pink is pink. No?


Why does it matter?


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You Are - The Sensible One

Your shopping habits describe you as someone who uses their Head and Heart.
You get excited over new items, but if you think you're going to regret it; you walk away. SMART.
- You weigh the Pros and Cons before making a decision.
- You work hard! So, sometimes you're extra careful or strategic.

YOU SHOULD BE PROUD. This also tells us, you are admired by people around you. Not everyone takes calculated risks or even know how. You could teach your friends and family a thing or two. ( I'm not surprised)
An intelligent and wise person like you, must also remember, sometimes it's OKAY to have fun and splurge. I mean you are human...you deserve luxury or pampering at the best of times.

Don't worry, an 'impulse buy' is nice when the time is right.

You Are - The Impatient One

Let's begin by saying you love to be happy - I mean who doesn't?
When it comes to your happiness and desires, you'd rather not delay!
It's hard to resist things that make you feel good which is why, you don't resist.

Your shopping habits describe you as someone who can take charge of their feelings. Uncertainty is a waste of time.
- You think having new and shiny toys are fun (duh)
- You like a little bit of adventure or thrill
- Your friends say you're the spontaneous one

HOWEVER, you should think about how often you have regrets when your credit card statement arrives.

Having fun is not a crime, it's encouraged. Just slow down lovely, take time to enjoy what you already have.

You Are - Bored Easily

Your shopping habits describes you as someone who is often bored easily.
You enjoy activities that are challenging and fun. Shopping is one of those activities.

A store with great music and instagramable features is magnetic for you.
- Maybe you shop to socialize, meet friends or stylish boys
- Or as a form of therapy, anxiety relief, distraction or happy pill
- But definitely to kill time.

You know what they say about idle hands, don't you? (They cause mischief)
Therefore, you love to have your fav shopping friend join you for an adventure.

In reality, it's not your fault.
Brands and retailers purposely captivate us with colours, well dressed mannequins, sales and aesthetically pleasing dressing rooms ;) WHO IN THIS WORLD wants to deal with life, when they have the store of their dreams in front of them.
Talk about BLISS!

Please be careful my friend, I can relate - believe me.
This habit could land you into trouble or serious debt.
Instead, find other ways to occupy your time. Go to a jewelry workshop, paint night, bowling, to an arcade or out dancing. Put your wallet down and walk away!!

You Are - The Smooth Operator

You are well aware of how life is, can be and will be.
It's hectically annoying sometimes. With everything going on, convenience saves you much needed time and energy!
- You like local, nearby stores/ places.
- A frequent online shopper, especially for fast shipping
- It could be groceries, shoes or beauty products - it doesn't matter, as long as it's fast and easy

When it comes to day trips, events or nights out you prefer to go someplace in town or simply stay home. Sometimes you decide to get out the house, but you prefer relaxing minimal stress activities.

Because you value time, you often purchase items you think you'll need in order to save trips to the store. This could be useful, but most of the times it's unnecessary.
Why do you still have the price tag on that dress from a year ago?
Your pantry is also bursting with things you never ate or made.

HEY! Take it easy.
Buy what you need at that moment in-time and call it a day.
Take notes on items that are running low at home and place an order 2 weeks before you expect to finish it.
If you value time and energy, you should also value your cash.
Plan with your money in mind.

You Are - The Impetuous One

Your shopping habits describe you as someone who really enjoys spontaneity.
You leave the house and head to the closet store for stockings and two hours later return home with 5 new times..

Do you ever have the urge to break out into dance or blurt out something you're thinking, maybe a quick weekend trip to Vegas?
Some might say it's spontaneous, but it sounds like impetuousness.

Im·pet·u·ous /imˈpeCH(o͞o)əs/
Acting or done quickly and without thought or care.

Hey, I understand - you like to live in the moment!
Isn't that what the present is for and why should anyone complain?
- You love to surprise your inner circle with surprise gifts and momentos.

This habit may be fun, but be careful!
At this point, you are spending money just for fun.
The satisfaction from shopping does not last long, does it? Try and find another way to amuse yourself. It's also smart to carry limited amounts of cash - barely enough for what you need is a good idea.