What Farmers Market Stand Are You?

The personality quiz you always needed but never knew you wanted. 

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The first thing I do in the morning is...

Hit the snooze button


Work out


Make a big breakfast


Dream about the weekend


Check my social media


1 / 10

How would you describe your talents?

It can be messy but worth it


I'm a jack-of-all-trades


People know me for this one thing I do really well


It brings people together


It's hard to imitate 


2 / 10

What sounds like your perfect weekend?

Playing sports


Exploring the city


Having a picnic with friends


Going out on a boat


Going to the movies


3 / 10

My favorite color is...











4 / 10

How would you describe your style?

I go for all the latest trends


Casual and comfortable


Eclectic, I like to mix and match styles


Bold and attention-grabbing




5 / 10

What's your ideal vacation?

Beach getaway


Another country


Amusement/theme park


Trip to the mountains 


Somewhere with a lot of history


6 / 10

When do you get the most work done?

At night


Between other tasks


Whenever I get a burst of motivation






7 / 10

My friends would describe me as...

The cool one


The smart one


The funny one


The loyal one


The sporty one


8 / 10

What's your biggest pet peeve?

People who litter


Line cutters


Running out of data on my phone


Paying for shipping when ordering online


People who are always late


9 / 10

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Movie star








Pro athlete


10 / 10

Kettle Corn Stand

Like the different varieties of kettle corn you’ll find here, you’re a reliable favorite that offers a lot to the people around you. While you like to take it easy, you also love to do things that excite you. All your friends say you’ll be a star one day!

Sweet Blendz

Sweet Blendz is made up of two stands. One sells poke bowls and the other sells acai bowls, both the perfect representation of a sporty person like you! You’re the go-to-gym buddy in your friend group and are a great source of support to those around you.

Korean Kitchen

This stand is where you’ll find authentic bulgogi and bibimbap. You always stand out in a crowd thanks to your vibrant personality and people always say they don’t know anyone else like you. You live life to the fullest and that’s why your friends love you!

Peruvian Ceviche

Besides ceviche, this is also where you can find guacamole, chips and salsa, and different juices. People look to you to stay on top of what’s cool because you’re always in the know. You love making plans for your next fun adventure, and you’re always on the go from work to school to hanging out with friends.


This is where you’ll satisfy your cravings for Greek food, from spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) to different kinds of gyros. Much like this stand’s many loyal customers (myself included!), you’re loyal to your friends and family and would do anything for them. You like to mix things up from time to time to keep things interesting.