What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?

Ever wondered what flavor would you be if you were an ice cream?

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What is your ideal long weekend?

Work on your creative project  


Binge watch your favorite series


Spend time with family and friends 


Join an activity for a cause 


Go on a hike 


Jamming with your band 


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What is your wardrobe staple?

Leather Jacket




White V-Neck Shirt


Flannel Shirt




Suit and Tie


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What is your all-time favorite food?

Siomai Rice


Clubhouse Sandwich


Sinigang ni Mama




Sweet and Sour Pork ni Papa


Shawarma with Cheese and Hot Sauce


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Choose a car

Toyota FJ Cruiser


Honda Civic Type R


Mazda 3


Mr. Bean's car


Mitsubishi Lancer




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Simplicity at its finest, basic yet classic. You’re a simple person who enjoys the small things in life. But you aren’t boring at all, you just find extravagance not that necessary. You enjoy being simple, effortless and uncomplicated.


You are loyal, loving, and passionate. You stay faithful to the people you are close with, and share love from deep inside your heart. Passion is your fuel as you go through life, doing the things that give meaning to your soul.


Cute, sweet, and friendly, you are Ms. or Mr. Congeniality. Your energetic and optimistic personality lights up a room. You just love making people happy. People adore you and love the way you make them feel.


The chill and cool dude. Your laid back personality is what people like about you. In stressful events, you’re calm as water and you know what to do or what to say. People around you appreciate and love it when your head’s in the game. Cool bro.

Cookies and Cream

You either go with the flow or stick to your own stuff. You’re always up for a good time with friends, yet you also find time for yourself. You’re a well-balanced person, the best of both worlds.The combo that people love and appreciate.

Rocky Road

You are a character, strong and adventurous. Despite the ups and downs of life, the rocky road as they say (pun intended), you get up and fight again and again. Your goal oriented personality guides you through life’s hurdles.