What is the biggest block to YOU being more successful in business

What is REALLY stopping your from being successful in business?

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As soon as I do something more than twice in my business, I look to systemise it.

I never seem to get around to it


If I think it is important enough, but I don't always do it


Yes. I always make sure I systemise it or my staff does


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I am constantly on the lookout for new online business tools to make my business run more smoothly.

No, technology is not my thing


I have good intentions but often don't get around to it


I am always on the lookout for new great tools


2 / 12

I hire people to join my team quite quickly and trust my gut.

Oh I could never do that!


If they come recommended I may do it


Yes. My gut is my best ally, it serves me well


3 / 12

Do you think this to yourself - "I am NOT the best person to do this role, i should delegate it"?

No because no one does it as well as me


It takes me a while, but I can delegate


Yes. I always delegate, I know how valuable my time is 


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I tend to rush into my sales pitches without a well thought-out strategy.

No. I couldn't dream of pitching if it wasn't a pre-planned meeting


I can do it on the fly, but prefer to be fully prepared


I can wing it in any situation, and I say whatever comes into my head at the time 


5 / 12

Even if I am never fully happy with my sales  and marketing campaigns, i launch them anyway.

No. Everything needs to be triple checked my me


If most of it is right I launch, and amend as i go


Yes. I like to throw it out there and see what I catch


6 / 12

My target market is always changing as i can help a lot of people.

No. Once i know my market, I stick with it and never flinch


I have done it occasionally, when I thought it was necessary


I tend to change my target market when I have a great new idea


7 / 12

I am prepared to market my product or service in anyway that will get me noticed

No. I am very disconcerting around how I market my product or service


I will dip my toe into new areas at times, to test the waters


I jump into all the new ways that seem to be making others successful


8 / 12

I let my team take charge of a project if they really want to.

No. I like to be in charge of most things


If they have worked on the project previously, I might let them


Yes. I am prepared to give anyone a go if they put their hand up


9 / 12

I share the vision of where the business is heading with my staff.

No. I am unsure of what my vision is myself.


I share it occasionally.


I share all that I can with my staff.


10 / 12

I tend to make business purchases, without fully knowing my financial status.

I always check my balance before ANY buying


I have a rough idea what is in my business account at all times


I tend to do this a lot 


11 / 12

I do have a system or process in place to chase up missed or late payments to my business

I have been thinking about it, and should do it but haven't got around to it yet


I have some processes but not a complete system, so do it occasionally


I have a system in place that I follow religiously


12 / 12

You scored a 0


You are spending too much time on planning and waiting for
the perfect time to start new initiatives. You need to get clear on your direction, get organised and take action to succeed.

You are a creative or a visionary. You see how you would like it to be but lack the follow through to take that vision and make it come to fruition.

Some small business owners spend so much time on the plan trying to make it perfect, that they don’t take the action necessary to propel their business forward.

You may wait for the conditions to be perfect before you launch into something new, but this is like a unicorn, it doesn’t exist. Your mantra should be "strive for progress, not perfection".

What you can do:

Change and adaptation will be your constant companions as a small business owner, so don’t waste your time trying to make your plan perfect. You have a plan written down, so get to work on making your business dreams come true.

You scored a 9


You tend to sway between thinking too much or just doing things without a strategic plan. If the challenge is exciting and floats your boat, you take action, but if not, then you spend too much time sitting on it.

You are a THINKER and a DOER, depending on the time of the day, the day of the week or the task at hand.

But is this flexible approach the best for your business? Do
you or your staff know which ‘business hat’ you are wearing at any given time?

Being in a different ‘mode’ can be a great advantage to your business. You can go from action taker to thinker at will, but make sure you are the best person to be doing that at the time. If someone in your team is better equipped to be in that ‘mode’ then delegate and move on. Don’t do it just because it is fun…be smart about it.

What you can do:

You need to become more consistent in your business approach. You can’t just flick between THINKING and DOING without a strategy behind it. The best person in your team should be doing what they are best at, including you. So communicate with every around you so you are all on the same page and kicking ass.

You scored a 17


You take ACTION and like to tick items off your 'to do' list, and you get a sense of achievement from completing tasks. But are those tasks the right ones for your business?

As a DOER you like to get things done, moving down the list of
things to do. But are you putting enough thought into this? Is there any strategy
behind what you are doing? Could your time be best spent on other tasks that
will make your business a success.

While there is no need for your plan to be perfect, every business, no matter what size it is, needs a plan. A written plan helps you stay focused on the right customers, opportunities and business goals.

Don’t just have a business plan, be strategic every day. Figure out what it is you want from every area of the business, every team member and put some structure around every strategy with every task.

What you can do:

Be sure to write down your overall business plan (a single page is enough). But also plan your next 90 days. Write down what you want to accomplish be the end of those 3 months. Then each week write down your top 5 tasks that will help you get to your 90 day goals. Then do that for each week, then each day so that you have a strategy around all that you do in the business.