What is your coat of arms color?

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Someone takes your lunch money, what do you do?

Tell the teacher.


Beat them up.


Talk it out with them.


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Someone is starting a rumor about you, what do you do?

Beat them up


Blackmail them


Work it out with them.


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Someone eggs your house, you know who it is but what do you do?

Talk to them about it and work something out without any more violence.


Confront them and throw hands.


Wait for the right time and use it against them.


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When you come across a problem, what do you first think of.







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Your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you, what do you do?

Beat them up


Wait for the right time and expose them.


Talk to them about it.


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Which of these would you consider yourself to be the most?





Peaceful / Diplomatic


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Your color is Maroon. Maroon represents patience and strategy. You show this patience and strategy on the battlefield and end up victorious.


Your color is white. White represents peace and sincerity. You would rather try and work and use diplomacy than fight and use violence. There is always another way..


Your color is red. You don't care about strategy, and you don't care about diplomacy. You think the best way to solve problems is to fight it out and see who is better in battle. You believe you are the strongest and best, and are very confident. You run into battle with no backup plan. It works, but for how long?..