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What is your creative season?

Find out what creative season you are in, right now, and learn how to use it!

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Today, I feel

Excited about my life


Sluggish and confused


Contemplative and peaceful


Overwhelmed and scattered


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The time I feel most motivated is:

Early morning (5am-11am)


Mid morning (11am-3pm)


Afternoon to early evening (3pm-7pm)


Late evening (7pm - 12am)


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Right now...

I am living in place of survival mode, taking care of my basic needs at best


I am living in a place of general satisfaction about my life


I am living in a place of trust and faith about the unknown


I am living in a place of questioning my direction in life


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My creative projects right now are

All over the place - I'm all ideas and no action 


Clear and focused


Written down but not quite sure what's next


I don't feel creative right now


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I love to create by

Painting, writing, dancing, making music


Making content (courses, podcasts, blogs, etc.)


I don't have a favorite way


Gardening, crafting, baking, etc. 


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Creative Winter

Welcome to your creative winter. This is a time of contemplation, looking inward, and listening to your inner voice.

Creative activities that are great during this season: journaling, watercolors, doodling, dreaming, and resting.

Creative Spring

Welcome to your creative spring. This is a time of new ideas, renewed energy, and a fresh perspective.

Creative activities that are great during this season: writing down ideas, creating an outline, adding color to your paintings, and share your dreams with your inner circle.

Creative Summer

Welcome to your creative summer. This is a time of action, doing, and putting yourself out into the world.

Creative activities that are great to do during this season: network and connect with others. Exhibit and share your work. Add details and final marks on your painting. Edit and refine your vision, your story, your project.

Creative Autumn

Welcome to your creative autumn. This is a time of letting go, settling up, and evaluation.

Creative activities that are great during this season: Finish up your projects. Figure out what needs to be done, and do it. Package and ship your work. Let go of your latest project and prepare to honor your need to rest.