What is your Inner Boss Lady secret weapon?

It's not a matter of if your productivity affects your bottom line, it's a matter of how you're going to do it and get the results you want! 

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How do you feel when you walk into your office in the morning?

Overwhelmed. My desk is driving me crazy. There's too much to do, and I often don't know where to start. 


Hopeful. I've been working hard, and I can see where I'm going, even though I’ve got a ways to go.


Excited. I love what I do, I spend the majority of my day doing exactly that... and I'm well-paid for it.


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Which is most like you when it comes to getting important things done in your business?

I wake up each morning not quite sure what I should be doing that day. I'm busy, but I'm not really moving my business forward the way I want. 


I start the day with a plan, but find myself getting distracted throughout the day and often don't end up getting the important things done.


I decide on the 1-3 most important things I want to get done that day, and then I do them. 


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How do you handle email, computer documents, and paper?

I'm flooded with email and paper and I have a tough time keeping up.


I've tried different ways to handle this stuff and I've implemented some things, but I just haven't fully set up a system yet that I like using.


I've got good systems set up for each of these... and I use them. 


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How do you manage your time?

I'm busy all day; I don't know where the time goes. I'm a go-with-the-flow person, and hate feeling constrained by a schedule.


I do use my calendar and planner, but the day often runs away from me. As much as I try to plan, at the end of the day I often wonder what happened. 


I have plenty of time to get what I want done; I rarely hear myself say things like “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time.” 


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What's your decision-making style?

I often put off making decisions; I don't want to make a mistake.


I spend a lot of time writing up pros and cons before I make decisions.


I trust myself to make decisions quickly and easily. I know that I can always change my mind later if things don't work out as expected.


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How clear are you about your business vision and/or goals?

I'm having trouble getting clear about what I want and where I'm going.


I am fairly clear, although I change my mind from time to time. 


I know exactly where my business is going, and I'm on track to get there.


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How well do you manage your energy?

Manage my energy?


It's often hard for me to say no to obligations or requests for my time and energy. 


I make sure to do things I love every day. I have also let go of everything that drains my energy or no longer serves me. 


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How do you handle procrastination and/or self-sabotage?

I often procrastinate on tasks that feel hard, uncomfortable, or that I don't want to do... before I even realize it, I'm looking to see what's happening on Facebook or checking my email. 


I know what I need to do, and if I have to, I can make myself do it. But it feels like forcing myself; I'd like to find an easier way.


I know that achieving my business goals often means moving outside of my comfort zone, so I've gotten better and better at doing things that scare me. 


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How do you feel at the end of your workday?

Exhausted and overwhelmed... I was busy all day, but I couldn't tell you what I actually got done. I'm not really sure if I'm doing the right things. 


Frustrated... I had things I needed to get done, but had too many distractions that showed up. I know where I'm headed, but not sure I'm getting there.


Satisfied and on track... I am going to enjoy my evening!


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 How happy are you with your bottom line?

I'm working too hard with not enough to show for it. 


I'm making money in my business, but I'm working harder than I want to.


Yay! I'm achieving my revenue and profit goals. Now I want to make it even easier.


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What percentage of your workday do you spend doing things you love AND that bring you the results you want?

I spend about 20% of my time doing things I love, and the rest of my time I’m dealing with all the other things that come up.


I spend about 50% of my time doing things I love. I’d like my results to be better.


I spend 80% or more of my time doing things I love, and I’m getting great results.


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The Maverick

You are independent and you love exploring; you want to be yourself and learn about the world. You’re endlessly curious, innovative and you definitely don’t want to feel fenced in. You are naturally a creative problem solver who can think outside of the box. You are a great encourager and motivator of others. You keep environments positive with your enthusiasm and positive sense of humour. You will go out of your way to keep things light, avoid and negotiate conflict and keep the peace. You have passion for what you do, and you want to make a real difference with your clients; you’re not interested in “surface” results. You are likely to lose concentration when too many details are present. You may overlook important information and facts. On the other hand, when analyzing information, you can be a very creative problem solver and you don't want to be left out of the process. You would benefit from strategies, perks, new technologies to advance your plans and most importantly a coach would help reveal your inner fears, release self-doubt and propel you to the next level of Success! You have hidden genius potential! You just need a little push in the right direction and a plan to stay focused!

The Artisan

You are intentional, thoughtful, and you deeply desire creating something of lasting value with your work. You’re smart, motivated, and good at what you do. You're here to create the opportunity for transformation for your clients, and they love you! (You just want even more people to know about you and what you do.) You make sure you are meticulously prepared with every detail to reduce the chances of anyone disagreeing with you. You are a great candidate for any job that requires creativity based on patience, facts, and precision. You can be intense, and you tend to focus all of that intense energy on doing your personal best work while ignoring any “teamwork” or “relationship” aspect of the project.

You don't worry about feelings or emotions too much, other than your own self-indulgences. Learning strategies to express emotions, creative ways to handle stress and coaching to being able to connect with people on a deep level would jump you on the Success Ladder quicker than you trying to doing it on your own.

The Maestro

You are a powerhouse: confident, focused, and masterful at what you do. You’re already organized and structured, and you have many/most of your systems in place.

You love feeling on top of things and in control, and you’ve set up your life and work to reflect those values. You have ambition and a desire to build a strong business.

Your clients love your strong skills, your accountability, and your commitment to excellence.You are generally an optimistic thinker; you function well with heavy work loads and when under stress. You welcome new challenges and risks without fear, but you may have personality conflicts with others you perceive as negative. You are highly likely to quickly lose any interest when you feel constricted by rules or structure, as well as in situations where you cannot be in control. You may need to strive to listen more actively, be attentive to other team members' ideas, and to strive for consensus instead of making decisions alone. Strategies, soft skills and coaching would help you go the extra mile and become the Bossy Lady you've always dreamed to be!