What is Your Magical Affinity?

Find out which of the magical colors you belong to! 

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What kind of story would you like to be in?

















1 / 10

What's a job you'd like?





Whatever I have the most fun doing








Don't care




2 / 10

What are you?





Dragon! FIGHT ME.












3 / 10

Choose your weapon!





I am a weapon




Bow & arrows




Sword or daggers




4 / 10

What do you enjoy?

Adventure. I wish I could have my own adventure, like in novels, videogames, or movies.


Quiet. I like to work in solitude in comfortable silence.


Gardening. I love to nurture and care for plants.


People. It’s always fun to be with my friends and/or family.


Daydreaming. I wish I could live in my fantasies forever.  


Succeeding. As long as I’m winning, I’m happy.  


Fun. Chaotic, wild, spontaneous fun to be exact. From parties, to raids, to a night out on the town.  




5 / 10

What do you dislike?



Needless noise






Other people








6 / 10

You see a classmate or coworker being harassed/bullied by a group of people stronger than you. What do you do?

Contact a teacher, or someone in authority.


Step in and take control of the situation.


Create a disaster that will make everyone vacate the area. Like starting a fire.  


Nothing. I don’t care.  




Try to calmly diffuse the situation.


Throw things at the perpetrators from a safe distance.  


Nothing. The victim doesn’t matter to me.  


7 / 10

What would your familiar be?

Domesticated dog




Domesticated cat












8 / 10

What kind of music do you listen to?

Calm music, like solo piano.


Empowering music.


Sweet music about happy things.


Hypnotizing music that completely pulls me in.  


Music about me, or song by me.  


Stuff that nobody likes.  


It doesn’t matter.  


Music that pumps me up.


9 / 10

What kind of power would you like to have?





Super strength




Mind control  




I don’t want a power.  


Something with explosions and fire.  


10 / 10



You have an affinity for Red Magic. Red Magic is the evocation of energy, and uses raw magic to fuel spells and conjurations. Red Mages are capable of easily creating lightning and fire from their hands, truly making them a formidable foe.

Red Mages have a profound and outwardly impressive personality, with an intense emotional energy that makes them stand out among peers. At times, they can be volatile and unpredictable—like a volcano—because of their deep, unwavering passion. They can get carried away with their emotions, sweeping everyone up with them. But while they can be as terrifying as an erupting volcano, they can bring with them life and energy, and ignite a fervor in even the quietest of Neheburs.
Red Mages have to learn to balance their emotions. Since these mages feel everything very deeply, they can come across as overly sensitive and moody.
They are restless with a deep love of traveling, and exploring. Red Mages have an insatiable thirst for adventure. Their positive attitude and natural curiosity for the unknown keep them going, and they rarely—if ever—give up.



You have an affinity for Blue Magic. Blue Magic is the change of nature, and Blue Mages use this magic to transform non-living things on the physical plane. A roaring fire could be transformed into a powerful river under the guidance of a Blue Mage.

Blue Mages are well-known for their calm demeanor, and relaxed personalities.
Because Blue Mages are steadfast and practical, they place a very high value on stability and tranquility. With their naturally conservative tendencies, Blue Mages are rare to act on impulse. They consider the consequences of each of their actions, and are slow to make a decision. Steady and sturdy, Blue Mages are always someone that family or friends can turn to when they need support or assistance.
Blue Mages are naturals when it comes to setting goals, and accomplishing them. They work best under definite guidelines and rules, and love structured environments. But Blue Mage should be careful because they can be stubborn at times, sometimes so wholly focused on the logical side of a viewpoint they completely neglect their own emotions.



You have an affinity for Green Magic. Green Magic is the healing, or nurturing magic. It can be used to manipulate living organisms to promote rapid healing, or mutation. Green Magic is believed to be the hardest form of Magic, since one wrong move could irreparably damage everyone involved.

Green Mages are known for their compassionate, and gentle personalities. These impressive mages have a conservative and home-loving nature. They find comfort in the wild, away from the hustle and bustle of society. They are extremely protective of their loved ones, and can be both shy and outgoing. Green Mages are strong-willed when it comes to things important to them. Of all Mages, Green Mages are the most devoted to family and family-like relationships. Even when there is needless drama this mage is someone that everyone turns to for a soft touch and gentle encouragement. Green Mages are often the mediators, smoothing over conflicts and bringing everyone together with their sweet words. But Green Mages should be cautious putting everyone before themselves. It's okay to take care of yourself first.



You have an affinity for White Magic. White Magic is the infusion of magic into non-living physical objects to enchant, enhance, bless, or curse. Objects infused with White Magic by a powerful Mage can retain their abilities for thousands of years. Due to how difficult the process can be, though, White Mages are considered some of the most talented and highly sought after Mages.

White Mages are well-known for their self-confidence, and charismatic personalities. Due to their charming natures, people are naturally drawn toward White Mages. They are viewed as trustworthy, honest, and virtuous. Being a leader comes easily to White Mages, and they always know exactly what to say and what to do. But sometimes their belief in themselves can cloud their judgement, and they can ignore important advise if they don't agree with it.



You have an affinity for Black Magic. Black Magic is illusionary magic, able to conjure and create vivid hallucinations that only affect the physical realm. A powerful Black Mage can turn dreams into a reality for so long as they fuel them with their magic.

Black Mages are well known for their artistic talent, and introverted nature. They have a tendency to distance themselves from others, and can be slow to trust. Black Mages can view reality as a distasteful truth, and can become overly attached with their fantasies, or daydreams. For a Black Mage, illusions are just as real as the physical realm.



You have an affinity for Yellow Magic.

Yellow Magic is the Magic of power, and arrogance. It is the strongest magic able to be wielded by mortals, and can change reality itself in the hands of a master. Due to the sheer amount of power and skill required to become a Yellow Mage, very few are able to obtain this title. Even fewer are able to utilize Yellow Magic without the use of extreme sacrifice.

As one of the most ambitious mages, Yellow Mages have an abundance of opinions, and a big personality! A Yellow Mage’s considerable talents help them conquer nearly every endeavor they set out to accomplish. They love to be the center of attention, often thinking of themselves as the monarch of their universe. Their struggle with their pride can often strain relationships, and their natural instinct to mend those bonds is through presents. Mostly because Yellow Mages inherently assume that their “gift” is truly needed. Fiercely protective and possessive, Yellow Mages will go out of their way for their loved ones.



You have a magical affinity for Orange Magic.

Orange Magic is chaotic magic. It is powerful, wild, and uncontrollable. There have been no known Orange Mages since the creation of the Community.

Orange Mages are extremely dynamic and energetic, and they have to constantly be kept busy. They are often the most exciting among family with their engaging charm and their daredevil personalities. These Mages love to test their boundaries and see just how far they can bend the rules. Or see how much they can get away with! Unfortunately, due to the nature of the magic they draw upon Orange Mages are far from emotionally stable. They’re moody, change their opinions rapidly, and are reluctant to commit.



You have an affinity for Purple Magic.

Purple Magic is known as the magic of higher beings. It is apathy, distance, and void. Only the most powerful among the powerful could even begin to reach out and touch Purple Magic, let alone master it. The Guardians are the only known Purple Mages in all of written history.

From manipulating the void, Purple Magic will always leave a devastating scar over the mage's heart both physically and emotionally. This scar makes it hard for a Purple Mage to willingly show vulnerability. They are slow to trust, and reluctant to show affection. At first glance these powerful mages will appear cold, and at times even cruel. They refuse to allow emotions to affect them. Consequentially, these mages will always pick the logical and practical approach to all aspects of their long lives.