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What Kind of Fantasy Creature Are You?

Vampire... Witch... Fairy? Which one are you?

Quiz Questions

Quiz Outcomes

  • 1.
    You're royal and you know it! You know your mind and act with precision. That's why friends like to turn to you for advice. You don't mind one bit. You like being in charge.
  • 2.
    Good, bad... a little bit of both? It really doesn't matter. You know that you're magical inside and out. That's why you attract whatever you focus on.
  • 3.
    You believe that "fair is fair." Good or bad, a person should get that which they've earned. That's why you do your best to be your best.
  • 4.
    If you could create world peace, you would do it in a heartbeat. You believe in the goodness of people, and that unity is what everyone should strive towards. It's one of the reasons you try to treat everyone equally.
  • 5.
    What's the deal with responsibility? All you wish is to live carefree and wild. If you could, you would happily escape to the open sea.
  • 6.
    People are really starting to burn you up. You're tired of all the division and discord in the world. If you could, you'd buy your own tiny island... or a forest with a swamp to trap any trespassers.
  • 7.
    You're an old soul, wise and reserved unless called to an honorable fight. People should be wary if they push you that far, though. You'll set the world on fire if pushed too far.
  • 8.
    Easy going and fun-loving, life was meant to be enjoyed. You go around with a kick in your heels and a smile in your heart. It's one of the reasons others enjoy being with you.
  • 9.
    You've got strong opinions. Elegance, beauty, truth... These are the things that matter most to you, and you prefer to spend time with others who feel the same.