What Is Your Perfect Christmas Outfit?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you which one of these outfits is the perfect for your Christmas night!

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Describe your perfect Christmas Morning?

By the fireplace with my family


Getting ready to go visit some less stylish family members


Cuddling with bae after unwrapping the gifts


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What are you gifting this Christmas?

Thoughtful DIY gift!


Some gift cards to the newest mall in town!


A basket with some goodies I found at CVS


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Did you do your Christmas Shopping on time?

I even wrapped the presents days before!


Girl... I'm always FASHIONABLY late


Right on time!


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At family parties you are...

Taking the perfect family boomerang!


Judging everybody else's outfit


I'm a Karaoke Pro!


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You prefer...

Just a small family and friends Get Together


Fancy Parties so you can dress up


Ugly Sweater Parties!


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Go big, or go home! You're the star of the show, the Kim K of the family, and you are READY for them to notice it... in case they didn't notice 3 Christmases ago.


You're more traditional, you like flowers in the Spring time and sparkles during the Holidays. You might not go for the more traditional red and white, but there will definitely be some shine to your outfit.


You obviously do comfort over fashion, but STILL... who said you couldn't be a fashion icon while being able to move? That's why this timeless jean on jean outfit is perfect for you!