What Is Your Retirement Style?

Before you retire, you need to figure out how you will spend your newly found  free time. Let's determine your retirement style with 5 simple but powerful questions!

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What stage of retirement are you in?

I have been in retirement for 2+ years


Planning to retire any day now!


I have recently started retirement


I'm still in the very beginning stages and would love to learn more about retirement


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Where do you plan to live in retirement?

I want to downsize, simplify and hit the road.


I am going to stay right where I am. It is my home!


I plan to go where it’s warm and sunny all year and the good times never end.


Before I do anything, I want to settle into retirement. No big changes for me!


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At what age do you plan to or did you retire?

By age 65, I love my job but I want to have some fun.


Before age 55, I got things to do!


At age 72, I want my full social security benefits, please.


I never plan to retire! I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else.


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Which of the following words best describes you?

Consistent, friendly, and reliable


Brave, creative, and flexible


Passionate, fun-loving and sociable


Focused, hardworking, and wise


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How do you like your coffee?

Strong and black, of course


Light and sweet


Gimme a cappuccino, latte, espresso, Americano or macchiato instead


Hot with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream!


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The Entertainer

You can’t wait to retire! Always the life of the party, you are gregarious, funny and never met a stranger in life. On the look out for fun and a good time, you freely spend your time and money on experiences and friends.

Retirement may be a good time for you to create a budget and stick to it. Your generosity and spirit of enjoyment can easily zap your savings quicker than expected. Have fun but watch your spending.

The Adventurer

You have the spirit of adventure built into your soul! Flexible, motivated and a risk taker, you are ready to wander. Your bucket list is made and you are ready to start crossing off the items! Perhaps you’ll sell everything and live full time in an RV or travel to other parts of the world. Whatever your choices, you are ready to explore and hunt for adventure.

Planning out your travel and managing your trips is a great way to keep the sanity in your day to day. Allocate some time to create a travel schedule, a budget and plan your destinations. You can capitalize on off peak seasons, desirable weather and lower travel costs this way. Bon Voyage!

The Anchor

Your life is exactly where you want it to be. You have a close network of friends and family nearby. You live where you want to. Your days are predictable, comfortable and enjoyable and you like it. Why change it up? Retirement is when you get to relax, spend time with those you love and focus on your health.

With your free time, you may volunteer, increase involvement in church or other non-profits that are your passion. Regardless, you like where you are in life. Now that your have more free time, you can sit back and enjoy the life you’ve created.

The Worker

You love what you do and don’t want to stop. You want to keep doing it in some capacity earning a little income to boot. But your ready for a break, no more full time employment for you! You desire more flexibility in life - time for family and friends, extra travel and relaxation and pursuing your hobbies. Don’t worry, retirement is still for you. However, you love to work and can’t sit still.

Perhaps, this is the time for career change or finding new hobbies. You want to share your talents with your community. Your skills are still there, your mind is sharp and your ready to keep moving.