What is Your Skin Tone?

Determine your type and figure out what colors suit you best!

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If you forgot to put on SPF at the beach, you would

sunburn quickly 


tan easily 


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What color are your eyes?

Hazel, green or light brown 


gray, black, deep brown and/or blue


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Take a peek at the vein on the inner part of your arm. Is it:





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What kind of jewelry tends to look better on you?





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Which color clothing looks best on you?

Blues and purples


Yellows and warm reds


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Find a picture of yourself when you were a kid. What color was your hair?

Jet black, ash blonde or any shades of brown


Copper red, reddish brown, strawberry or golden blonde


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What color T-shirt would look better on you?

Ivory or beige


Pure white


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What's your go-to beauty move?

A bold jewel toned lip


golden brown bronzer across your cheekbones


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Pink or Red Undertones

You’re cool! You have pink or red undertones in your skin (whether it’s fair or dark), so stick with jewel tones like royal blue, emerald green, magenta, and blue-based reds for your clothing and makeup. When choosing a foundation or concealer, look for neutral or pink-based shades.

Yellow, Golden or Peach Undertones

You’re warm! You have yellow, golden, or peach undertones in your skin, so you look great in gold jewelry, earth tones, olive green, and orange-based red makeup or clothing. When choosing a foundation or concealer, choose yellow or peach-based shades.


You’re neutral! It's hard to tell if the veins on your inner wrist are blue-purple or blue-green because they’re actually a little bit of both. You have a mix of warm and cool undertones. When choosing a foundation or concealer, look for neutral shades that are really a true match to your skin tone.