What Is Your Skincare Profile?

Everyone washes their face, but we have different methods and goals for our skincare routines. Take this survey to see which profile best describes your approach to skincare.

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How many times per day do you wash your face?

My face gets splashed with water when I am in the shower.


One time per day.


Two times per day.


I don't wash, I cleanse.


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Which of the following is the most important for you when buying skincare products?

Clinically Proven Effectiveness


Natural Organic Ingredients


The Price/ Good Value


Known and Trusted Quality


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Which statement best describes your approach to the skincare brands you use?

I use whatever is in the house.


I don’t focus on any single brand, I focus on what’s best for my skin.


I have a favorite brand that I use consistently


My favorite brands use clean and natural products


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What do you think about trying new skincare products?

Sign me up! I am always willing to try something new—if it works.


No thanks, I like what I am using now. There’s no need to rock the boat.


I will try, but only if it has no perfumes or dyes.


Not interested, who has time for that?


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When thinking about your current skincare routine, which statement best describes how you learned what works for your skin?

I will try different products that I see in the store, and when they work for me, I stick with them.


I learned from family. If it worked for me growing up, or works for my family, then I use it.


I don’t focus on a specific product, I focus on the ingredients I know work for my skin. If I hear about a product with those important ingredients, then I am willing to try it.


I look for products with simple, organic ingredients. I will try new products, but only if they meet my need for pure and natural ingredients.


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Your Approach to Skincare is Uncomplicated – You don’t worry about your skincare and don’t really have to work at it. You don’t see the need (or have the time) to do a lot of research on different skincare techniques. Washing your face is a basic part of your regular self-care, but you don’t feel the need to do anything special or spend a lot of time on your face. Basically, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Why change up all the time? You have better things to do with your time.


Your Approach to Skincare is Simplicity – You have products that work for you and like to keep it simple. Sticking with a brand that has worked for you keeps things simple and easy. You want your skin to be healthy and you have a routine that works for you. While you may experiment with some new products, your basic approach is if it’s working, there’s no need to change.

Clean and Natural

Your Approach to Skincare is to Keep it Pure, Clean and Natural – your skin may be sensitive, so you are very careful about the products you use. You read the ingredients and looks for products with natural, clean ingredients and avoid perfumes, dyes and other unnecessary additives. You also look for words like “organic”, “vitamin” and “antioxidants”. Having healthy skin is your primary goal for your skincare routine.

Go for the Best

Your Approach to Skincare is to Go for the Best – You work hard to get your skin looking its best. That may be because you have certain skin concerns, or it’s just because you enjoy caring for your skin. You are always looking for new products, ingredients or skincare innovations and are willing to try the latest things in skincare. Your friends may ask you for advice because you are the one who knows. Rather than thinking about skincare as a chore, you embrace your skincare routine as a bit of “me” time that’s an important part of your overall selfcare.