What Kind of Beer Are You?

Beer is one of the oldest and most liked alcoholic beverages in the world. All you need is one pint of beer after a long day to takeaway an entire day's stress. There are so many kinds of beer to chug. Take this quiz to find out which foamy-frothy kind you are. You might just get a new favourite. 

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Which colour do you prefer?







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Which of the following outfits would you wear daily?

I find solace in denim


Nothing is better than a jeans coupled with a t-shirt


Anything trendy and in vogue.


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You’re invited to a slumber party, what would you wear?

Cute PJs (isn't what this is all about?) 


My tracksuit (because I will anyway dose off after sometime)


My designer nightgown


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What’s the one thing that you can never imagine yourself wearing?

Loose T-shirts with sweatpants.


Leggings and a short shirt.


Long coats. One that Sherlock Holmes wears.


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Which is your favourite fabric?

Cotton and natural fibers


Silk and satin


Velvet and cashmere


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Choose your favourite clothing brand.







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On an average, how much time do you take to shop?

Not much, I usually know exactly what I want.


I shop casually, so I take my sweet time.


It depends on how many things catch my fancy.


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You're An Ale Beer!

A little demanding about the quality and flavour, you know exactly what you want. Your spicy and unique personality is a crowd pleaser. You are adept in making your way out of complex situations. Your bravery is highly acknowledged.

You're A Wheat Beer!

You like to keep things light and different. Your diverse yet easy going personality is admired by many. You always aim to declutter yourself from things that matter the least. You are driven by logical methods.

You're A Stout Beer!

Luxury is your friend. Rich, strong and complex - your personality is loved by all. You don't settle for anything but the best. You are a problem solver and your dashing demeanour is extremely persuasive. You are always considerate towards your peers and feel elated in extending your helping hand.