What Kind of Business Owner Are You?

You will attract the types of employees and customers that you model.  Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of how their thoughts are affecting their ability to lead others.  This short assessment will show you how you are showing up at your workplace, and how you are perceived by your followers.  At first, you may identify with all answers given.  Please select the answer that reflect your thinking most of the time. 

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How do you attract new customers?

I strive to learn the genuine pains of my clients with empathy and craft my marketing messages to solve their pain points.


My marketing could be more effective, but I don't want to change an approach that works.


I contrast the great features of my company's  products against those of my competition to urge prospects to engage.


Honestly, I'm not sure my product or service is needed by many people. No matter what I try, it doesn't work.


I create completely unique marketing tactics to get people to notice and engage with your company.


I create customer messages to my well-identified marketing niches that compel each prospect to want to know more.


I leverage joint partnerships and referral networks to get leads organically without paying for advertising.


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How do you delight your customers?

The line is blurred between customers, employees and vendors. We all work together to accomplish great things.


I have an extremely customer-centric organization that achieves satisfaction ratings in excess of 90%.  


My employees continually complain about customers and use customers as excuses as to why they do poor work.  


Some customers like us while others don’t and that’s just the way it is. You can’t please all the people all the time.


Existing customers are actively engaged in helping us sell our services to new prospects.


Our customers are always wanting something more than we can afford to give.  If we give them an inch they take a mile.


We have managed to keep our customer satisfaction level quite high while earning a substantial gross profit margin.


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How do you convert leads into paying customers?

Our sales staff is adept at bundling products and services and creating synergistic opportunities with others.


We’re engaged in competitive sales and convince leads that the features we offer are superior to our competitors.


We regularly turn skeptics into high-paying customers.


Our sales team must deceive prospects in order for them to purchase our products.


Sales people quickly recognize our prospects buying preference and quickly adapt to create deals that best suit the situation.


Our sales people follow our sales process. We will win some and we will lose some.  That's as good as anyone can expect. 


We are have great relationship builders on our sales team.  Our customers buy from us because they know, like and trust us. 


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How is your staff performing?

My people are awesome.  I can leave my business whenever I want for as long as I want without negatively impacting anything.


We are subject to the 80/20 rule just like every business.  20% of our staff is high performers while 80% are below average.


You’re actively involved in the lives of your staff. It's normal for you to excuse absences for personal reasons.


I like my employees, but if there is a task to be done that is somewhat complicated, I need to do it myself.  


My employees work seamlessly together as a high performing team overlapping responsibilities and covering for each other.


My employees come to work late and leave early.  If I say something, they're likely to find work elsewhere.


Employees who work for me are like mini-business owners.  My people have unlimited earning potential if they produce.


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How are your business finances?

I'm going to run out of money soon.  It's just a matter of time.


I am always considering ways to invest profits into exploring new and innovative ideas to grow my company.


I have enough money, but worry about my company's ability to generate sufficient profits in the future.


I often consider and implement mergers and acquisitions and have a keen sense of how such moves improve our industry. 


I'm constantly counting money and concerned about forecasts and whether we have enough money.


Money is necessary to realize my vision.  While I'm aware of our financial situation, I rarely obsess over money.


We maintain higher than average employee compensation and we are focused on delivering outstanding value to our clients. 


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What is the growth outlook for your company?

We actively look for and create opportunities to expand our product offerings and geographic expansion.


Growth will happen as the result of our market domination in our industry.  


We leverage our ability to acquire and merge with complementary companies to grow.


Our industry is shrinking and we need to downsize in order to stay a viable company.


If we grow, we grow; if we shrink, we shrink. We will work hard, make good decisions and hope for the best.


Our growth is dependent on our employees.  If we treat them well, they will drive the growth we need.


We have quickly adapted to the growth strategy that fits the current market environment and need for our products.


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How will you exit your company?

I deeply care about my employees, my family and my customers and plan my exit accordingly to how they will be affected.


When I leave my company I want to ensure it becomes part of a larger effort to make the world a better place when I'm gone.


When I exit, my employees will benefit, my customers will be better off and our industry will benefit. Everyone wins.


I plan to sell my company someday, but I really haven't thought about it much.  As long as I get paid what it's worth.


I know that planning my exit and taking care of those after I'm gone is the right thing to do.  I'll get right on that soon.


I've positioned our company for acquisition by several strategic buyers who will leverage our company's unique strengths.


My company will go away on its own after I go.  In fact, it will most likely fail before I leave.


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How's your home life?

I feel like everything at home is a contest.  I have to look out for myself or others tend to take advantage of me.


While I have a certain amount of power and authority at work, I feel like I am treated poorly and disrespected at home.


I often engage neighbors and friends to contribute to a cause greater than ourselves.


I enjoy making my family members, friends and neighbors happy.  I love it when I can do even the smallest things to make their day.


I see the grande plan with family members, friends and others and create epiphanies with them on a regular basis.


I look forward to vacations, holidays and special occasions with family and friends.


My life is pretty good at home. There are a few items that bother me, but it's best if I ignore those things and focus on the good.


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You have very low energy to run your business. You feel like no matter what you do, you will lose. You feel as if the world is against you in some way. While others may succeed in business, you are destined to fail... it's only a matter of time. This energy level is eating you up and is evident to your family, friends and employees. If you manage to hire employees they will either need a lot of money to stick around your sinking ship; or they will want to find another employer who has a better outlook on life and business.

Dominant Competitor

You are a fighter. You have earned most of what you have now as a street fighter and you're not about to give in to anyone. Many of your employees will follow you out of fear or conditional reward, but will leave you as soon as they find a better option from someone else. You are brutal in competition and most likely come out on top even though you create a lot of collateral damage. While this level of competition is working on some level for you as a business leader, you cannot fight forever and will eventually burn out.

Safe Harbor

You have managed to take calculated risks and have also managed to make reasonable progress in leading your business. You play a middle ground and don't want to get too passionate about anything. You will often use terms like "fine", "did my best", or "it could be better, but". You tend not to get too upset about down times and not to excited about up times. You take responsibility for your actions, but many around you do not. You are afraid to rock the boat with honest criticism of employees; either because you don't know the words to use; or because you are getting some level of performance out of them and don't want to jeopardize your current position.

People Person

You're a people person. You genuinely care about your employees and your customers. You want to be liked more than you want your company to succeed. In fact, as far as you're concerned, failure to take care of your people would be failure. Your employees will either be extremely loyal in response to your compassion, or they will take advantage of your infinite desire to serve them without repayment. Running a successful business IS about leading people and caring about them, but you may tend to go overboard not knowing where the limit is on earning the loyalty of your people.

Business Opportunist

You are quite the optimist. Even whey you lose, you win. You are looking at opportunity in everything that happens in your business. You have a great passion for finding success in many little nooks and crannies that tend to elude many other business owners. When you make decisions, you are always looking to create win/win scenarios for your customers, your employees and yourself. You are the ultimate business owner who will tend to grow your business and find new avenues for success. Your employees love following you because they believe you to be fair and can create victory out of defeat. The one challenge you have is being paralyzed by too many options. You sometimes will fail to pick one and embrace it not knowing what could have been with other options.

Holistic Leader

Wow! You really do think outside the box. Not only do you create success within your own world, you have a world view that extends way beyond the borders of your office walls. You will constantly pull your employees and customers into community and world causes that would otherwise be ignored. You view your business within the broader context of your industry and are able to make decisions that benefit everyone whether they are stake holders in your deals or not. You will quickly consider mergers, acquisitions and expansion where other business owners will be timid. You do sometimes struggle connecting with employees in your business who think differently and more practically than you do.

Business Guru

Wow! You live in quite rare air at this level. Few if any business owners or CEO's rise to this level of operation while starting, growing, owning or even retiring from business. You have the ability to see yourself from outside of yourself with complete objectivity. You see most of the world without judgment and can make clear decisions because of your clear vision. You create many ideas and concepts that have never existed before and continue to set the standard for every other business. Your employees are impressed with your business foresight, but often consider you to be an outsider and disconnected from their day to day struggles.