What kind of CHEESE-Y couple are you?

What kind of cheese-level is your relationship at?

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What’s your idea of the perfect date night?

Walk through the park holding hands


Dinner and a movie


Rock climbing!


Couch + a full DVR


Competitive game of bowling


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Your favorite spot to vacation together is...



Backpacking through the Alps


Beach in the summer, mountains in the winter


A remote island in the Mediterranean


Europe, of course!


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Your favorite movie to watch together is:

Indiana Jones


The Big Lebowski




Sleepless in Seattle


The Hunger Games


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Your dream home is:

Sprawling house in the suburbs


Remote cabin in New England


Charming brownstone in the city


Houseboat so we can travel the world


A bungalow at the beach. No shoes, no shirt, no problem!


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I say this to my significant other at least once a day:

How did I get so lucky? You’re the best.


Are you going to eat that?


Let’s quit our jobs and travel!


Duuude, you're totally rad.


I love you.


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The honeymoon phase isn't over yet! You guys are too sweet.

Your perfect cheese pairings are:

-Gorgonzola + El Rey 70% Chocolate
-Gouda + Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels
-Brie + Hazelnut Honey


Opposites attract…right?! You "agree to disagree" on most things, but it works.

Your perfect cheese pairings are:

-Fresh Goat Cheese + Blood Orange + Orange Blossom Honey

-Roquefort + Almond Biscuits

-Blue Cheese + Hazelnut Honey + Caramelized Pecans


Fred and Ginger. Mickey and Minnie. Brie and baguettes. Some things just go together.

Your perfect cheese pairings are:

-Manchego + Fig Jam + Marcona Almonds

-Cordobes + Membrillo + Almond Butter


Grab your parachute and your passport – sky's the limit. You'll try anything once, so check out these adventurous cheese pairings:

-Goat Gouda + Fine Cheese Co. Charcoal Crackers

-Cabot Clothbound Cheddar + Spicy Plum Chutney


No black tie required here. Put on those sweatpants and settle in on the couch for a quiet night – just how you like it.

Your perfect cheese pairings are:

-Rogue Creamery Smoky Blue + La Quercia Speck

-Irish Cheddar Stout + Beer Flats

-Parmigiano Reggiano + Bourbon