What Kind of Cupcake are You?

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When it comes to your daily routines, you most often:

stick with a predictable, planned routine


go with the flow


gravitate to what looks more fun, even if it’s not productive


have your plan but pivot to what others want


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Your friend calls and says, "let’s go to a movie!" Your first thought is:

It has to be really good, deep and worth it




Would this be okay? What’s going on with everyone else, is the family set, will all be okay if I go?


Wasn’t my plan but maybe…


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The day has gone amok!— sick kid, work project staring at you & in a fight with your spouse/partner.

you negative thought swirl uncontrollably


you remember getting through this before and you will again


best not to complain and just dig deep


you take care of all for everyone and end up sick too


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You helped your kid with their project (like an “all about me poster”, science fair, etc). Feeling pretty darn good - it gets turned in. Later you find out it bombed - badly, and your kid is bummed out. You think:

“I’m never enough, why did I think I should even be a mom?”


“Why can’t I be more creative and help my kid better?”


“That teacher is crazy - that was really good. Let’s just move on…”


“I had so much going on, I couldn’t really give this the right focus. Ugh. I think I’ll go nap.”


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You are asked to be the president of the PTA or take the lead in your group, etc. You:

take it on immediately, you are needed


consider if it is going to make a difference


evaluate how it would fit into your schedule and if it’s important


ask, hmmm - what’s the bottom line here? Is it really needed & what would success look like?


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If asked, “do you feel appreciated?” You would think:

sometimes, but why focus on that


not so much, I tend to prioritize others first


I think so, I just hope I’m doing it right


kinda of - mostly when everyone is on board with me & we are on the right path


6 / 6

Hey there, sunshine. You are a lemon cupcake!

You love the outdoors and especially sunny days to match your optimistic, sweet, friendly self. You love to share your sunny side with others. Tribe is important to you and you spread your net wide, open to meeting new people and creating new friendships.

Sometimes, though, you can feel burned when people are not like you - not open and positive. At times you can feel like you are not allowed to be negative or “complain”— with a tendency to brush off or bury your feelings or legit needs.

You are working on things like crucial conversations and creating clarity for yourself. But, you can look in the mirror with a contented sense of self and joy for life. And ultimately, people love being around you — a positive life force!

Hey there, Carrotcake Cupcake!

You love the spice of life and the more ingredients the better! Family dinner time is important to you and you try hard to put together all the moving pieces to make that happen. You like to cut-to-the-chase, get to the basics and feel good when the project, plan, event or challenge is done and done well. You savor your results and successes.

Multitasking comes more naturally to you and you love to experiment. However, at times, this can lead to a lack of priorities. Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself from prioritizing the needs of everyone else. Do yourself a favor and commit to intentionality of what you really want to be true to yourself and not risk the resentment of being overcommitted.

Your beautiful, complex and delicious imprint on the world is your gift and people see and appreciate it and you!

Hey there, you double-mega chocolate cupcake, you!

You are loyal and dedicated and love rich experiences. You are a deep thinker and enjoy the immense beauty of life all around you. You appreciate the luxuries of life and savor the delicious moments.

You dedicate yourself to making events and daily life thoroughly enjoyable and deep. Your tendency is to become emotionally attached and want everyone to dig into the richness of life like you do.

Though you may need to step back and review your beliefs, not just sticking with what you know or believe works because it always has. You may lose yourself occasionally overindulging the demands of others and forget to stay centered in yourself. Nothing a delicious treat won’t help with, though.

Your deep ways and way of gravitating to the richness of life brings you fulfillment and others want a piece too!

Hey there Vanilla Cupcake!

You love routines - they are your comfort zone and where you thrive. You also bloom where you are planted, have a positive outlook and love to keep it simple. This is where you are in the zone. You feel this is really a super power and works for you beautifully.

You are capable of thinking in stages and keeping it all together as you go. Some friends certainly envy this quality!

There are times you grapple with not feeling enough or that you need to show up with more perceived “flare” than is in your wheelhouse. Overwhelm and worry also knock on your door. You have begun recognizing your thinking and question those thought patterns.

But fear not, your focus and keeping it real is, at the end of the day, what fulfills you and makes you feel the invincible power of your true self. Your family and friends deeply appreciate you! (often more than you know).