What kind of neighbor are you?

Take this quiz to find out!

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When you see a new neighbor moving in you...

Provide them with a personal need to know checklist including contact information


Give them your phone number 


Stay inside and avoid the moving truck 


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You had an outdoor BBQ last night...

You clean up your trash right away and offer your neighbor food


You clean up that night 


You clean up the next day 


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You have a dog and...

You walk your dog around the neighborhood and always have it on a leash 


You let your dog out in the backyard and monitor the barking


You dispose of your dog's poop in your neighbor's trashcan


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You hear that your neighbor has lost their father...

You make them pasta to heat up for dinner


You send your neighbor a sympathy card


You tell other neighbors about the news 


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Your neighbors are talking about a block party...

You organize and plan the block party


You bring food to the block party 


You make sure you have something else to do on the day of the block party 


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You have lived in your home for a month...

You celebrate by inviting your neighbors over for dinner


You celebrate by joining the neighborhood softball team


You say hello to your neighbor while celebrating with your friends on the front porch 


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Great Neighbor

You go above and beyond for your neighborhood. You help plan events, you get involved with local groups, and even include your neighbors at monthly dinners with homemade desserts. You genuinely want to be a part of the community and contribute to the well being of the neighborhood's growth and success.

Good Neighbor

You help take care of your neighborhood. You attend local events, mow your neighbor's lawn when they ask for help, and enjoy having conversations with members of your community on your porch. You like where you live and support others in their pursuit of maintaining a beautiful community.

Co-Existing Neighbor

You are a member of the neighborhood. You say hello to others and are friendly most of the time; however, you do not want others closely involved in your life. You care about what your neighbors think, but also care about having a good time regardless of the consequences.