What Kind of Party Host Are You?

Some hosts bust out the crystal stemware, while others just let the party happen around them. What type are you?
Find out

What kind of drinks will you have at your party?

Something cheap


Beer will do nicely


A signature cocktail


An assortment of juices


Something I found on Pinterest


A variety of vino


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What music will you play?

Classical or jazz




Whatever's on the radio


Something to dance to


A sweet mix I found on Spotify


Radio Disney FTW


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What kind of decorations will you have?

Does a single balloon count?


Decorations? What decorations?


Something Instagram-worthy


A tasteful bouquet of flowers


My flashy outfit


Party hats and a piñata


3 / 6

Who's coming?

Lots and lots of kids


Whoever signed up to bring a dish for the potluck


Only those who equal my level of sophistication


All 50 of my closest friends


A few good friends


Just whoever wants to show up


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What's the dress code?

If I'm throwing them a party, the least they can do is dress up


Jeans and a flannel shirt


Whatever expresses their own personal style


OshKosh B'gosh


Dancing shoes


If they're wearing clothes, we're good


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If you were to have a theme party, what would it be?

Roaring '20s


Does beer count as a theme?


Something based on my latest Pinspiration


Themes are expensive


A comic book or cartoon character


Ugly sweater


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The Shoestringer

You love entertaining, even on a budget. Not enough chairs for all your guests? Break out the picnic blanket and sit on the floor! No matter what, you always make it work -- and make it fun. Your favorite gatherings are small groups and potlucks.

The Party Parent

Kid-centric parties are your specialty. Thirty children underfoot doesn't faze you; after all, you're making memories. So what if the other parents get mad because their kids are now begging for their own five-tiered Elmo birthday cake? Sorry!

The Mingler

You love to get everyone together for happy hours and late-night shenanigans (karaoke, anyone?). No matter where you start the night, you know you'll end up at the diner down the street ordering cheese fries at 2 AM and shooting the, uh, shoot with half the people who stroll in the door.

The Reluctant Host

Fact is, you'd rather go to a party than go to the trouble of throwing one. Who needs all that stress? Besides, you might have to clean your bathroom. Okay, okay, you'll host the bachelor/ette party for your best friend and your parents' 50th anniversary celebration, but that's it for the next two decades. Harumph.

The To-Dye-For DIYer

You love throwing parties and somehow find the time to create everything for them yourself. Pinterest is your sandbox. You enjoy competing with yourself by making each theme party more awesome than the last -- and posting your many triumphs.

Captain Casual

Your mantra: Keep it simple. Beer, chips, dips, maybe some crackers and cheese (if you're feeling fancy) will be served. Your goal is just to get everyone together to have a good time because it's been way too long since you've all hung out.

The Fancypants

Throwing formal events is your tailor-made excuse to dress to impress. Your guests wonder how you manage to pull it all together, and the truth is it's not easy. But when everything and everyone looks this fabulous, it's worth it.