What Kind Of Party Hostess Are You?

You know you throw a fabulous party, but what's your entertaining style?

Find out

Martha Stewart says throwing a party for friends and family should be a joy, not a chore. Do you find this statement:

Too true.


A lie created by a party profiteer.


Kinda true, if there's alcohol.


True, although you don't mind chores.


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Emily post says a gracious host greets every guest at the door. Which of these is describes your greeting?

Hand them a drink and dash away.


Stand at the door and walk them inside, then give a quick tour.


Invite them in and instruct them to find their hand-stenciled name card for their seat, or to the aperitif table first.


Yell a hello from wherever you are after someone else answers the door.


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According to an easy dinner party guide in Bon Appetit, there's no need to bake and store-bought is okay. What do you serve for dessert?

A glorious homemade cake with designs you learned in cake decorating. Bon Appetit who?


A white chocolate martini.


Whatever the guests were supposed to bring with them.


Chips Ahoy. Don't want the guests getting too messy!


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Scientists did a study on how alcohol effects personality, and surprise! People become more extroverted at parties. Knowing this, do you:

Fill 'er up!


Serve two carefully constructed cocktails to ensure each guest is able to loosen up without going overboard.


Leave it up to the guest but encourage good decisions.


This party is BYOB, so that's not your problem.


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These days kids' birthday parties typically cost a couple hundred dollars. Do you spend:

Next to nothing. 


A couple hundred.




Maybe $500 - extra for the adults!


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Party City is the US's number one party retailer. Do you shop there:

Uh, never. They don't see the classy stuff.


All the time! Party City and Dollar Tree have all a party needs.


Never heard of it.


Sometimes, love their bulk plastic glasses.


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In 2017, adults in the US spent $1.68 billion on Halloween costumes. What's your costume party requirement?

Everyone wears one, and if they forget I'll make them a quick, funny one.


They're welcome, but I might not even wear one myself.


Required! But I have a trunk of nice pieces if they forget.


I mean, masks get in the way of drinking, but whatever.


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According to The Frenzied Hostess, fancy dinner parties should only be attended by adventurous eaters. You have a friend who wants an invite but is super picky. What do you do?

Invite her to a more casual dinner party later. You're constantly hosting and she'll it enjoy it more anyway.


Invite her, load her up with wine, and trick her into trying new food.


Who cares? You're not cooking and you doubt the takeout place will be offended.


Invite her and offer PBJ and grilled cheese instead of your famous coque au vin.


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The Drink Fairy

You do a little work to make a great party, but you mostly rely on alcohol to make sure everyone has a good time. No one's drink goes empty at your house - whether they notice it or not! Either way, friends don't turn down your invites - that's where all the good stories come from.

The Homeowner

Yeah, you're providing the home for the party, but should you really have to put in all the work? Your invitations always say, "Potluck" and "BYOB." You believe your party-goers will be happy if they're bringing their own faves - and guess what? You're right!

The Martha Stewart

You have hosting all figured out. Your meals are delicious, your table settings are beautiful, the house is clean, and somehow you also had time to whip up individual gift bags. The Cooking Channel can't wait for your show!

The Mom

You may or may not have kids, but either way you find yourself constantly cleaning up after everyone, offering them snacks, and helping them with their feelings. Every guest will feel loved at your house!