What kind of retreat is perfect for you?

With so many types of retreats out there, it can be difficult to know which one to commit to. Take this short quiz and we'll tell you what style of retreat is perfect for you.

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You’re throwing yourself a birthday party. What do you plan?

Tarot card readings for everyone


DIY cocktail bar then a night on the town


Stand-up paddle boarding lesson


Weekend camping trip


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You’re on an 3 hour plane ride. How do you pass the time?

Getting to know the person next to you


Watching a movie or playing games on your phone


Listening to guided meditations 


Mapping out your goals for the year ahead


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If your friends had one word to describe you, they’d pick:









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Your favourite class in school was:

Business / Entrepreneurship






Philosophy or Psychology


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Your ideal home has:

Room for a home office


A home gym


Lots of light, plants and good vibes




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When it rains, you:

Feel a little sad, but use it as an opportunity to reflect on your feelings


Use it as an excuse to stay inside and work on your side hustle


Go for a workout


Dive into the latest National Geographic documentary 


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What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Make a cup of tea/coffee and meditate


Hit the gym or do a yoga class


Hike to your favourite sunrise lookout spot


Check your email


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When you’re going through a tough time, you cope by:

Going for a run or working out


Calling your mentor


Finding a fun distraction, like a new class


Journaling and taking the time to unplug and reflect


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What do you want to get out of your trip the most?

Learn more about yourself and become more emotionally intelligent and aware


Develop new business skills and get inspired by like-minded people


Stay fit and workout in a new setting, with awesome coaches


See a new country, get a taste of the local culture and meet new people


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Spiritual Retreat

When you hear the words ‘Spiritual Retreat’ you probably immediately envision early morning yoga and meditation, sunset beach campfires and emotional revelations. And, you’re right! Spiritual Retreats are designed to tap into your introspective self, foster connections with fellow travellers, and bring you closer to the world around you. It’s a time to slow down, breathe deeply, and gain new perspective, so you can bring a peaceful new mindset to your everyday life.

Career Building Retreat

If you’re looking for an opportunity to hone your skills, learn some new ones, and make meaningful friendships that could transform into business partnerships, a career-building retreat may be for you. These getaways are popular among entrepreneurs and those looking to change jobs, and often feature master classes, marketing and branding courses and guided networking sessions to make the most of your time away.

Fitness Retreat

You're competitive, full of energy, and have ambitious personal fitness goals. From yoga intensives to full-on beach boot camps, fitness retreats are packed with classes, group workouts, and excursions meant to test your physical abilities while soaking in a beautiful atmosphere. These retreats are perfect for individuals who want to embark on a new fitness journey, or escape their day-to-day life without slowing down their fitness progress.

Adventure Retreat

You're brave, risk-taking, and love meeting new people and experiencing new things. Excursions designed to test your limits, awaken your zest for life and deepen your appreciation for nature are hallmarks of any adventure retreat — think exploring new cities, hiking volcanoes, whitewater kayaking, or venturing into the jungle. Experiencing these activities with like-minded people is a fast-track to forging lasting bonds — who else can relate to the sense of satisfaction you feel after summiting a mountain?