What Kind of Veggie are You?

Find out which veggie is just like you!

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Which veggie is your favorite?

Carrot- tasty and full of Vit A


Spinach- creamy, rich and full of iron


Broccoli- vibrant and full of antioxidants


Lettuce- crispy, fresh and full of fiber and nutrients


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How many servings of veggies do you eat in a day?

None: I don't like veggies!


1-2: Great effort, let's try and increase it a bit!


3-4: Awesome, make sure to supplement with fruits!


5+: You've met your recommendation! Great job!


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What do you like most about vegetables?

Fiber: keeps your body feeling good!


Vitamins and minerals: keeps you healthy and strong!


Low-calorie: a great part of a weight loss plan!


Taste: they are delicious!


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What color vegetable is your favorite?

Orange- they taste the best!


Purple- rare and full of antioxidants!


Green- crispy and full of fiber!


All of them- I enjoy a varied diet!


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How do you like your veggies cooked?

Raw: crispy and full of nutrients


Cooked: tender and easy to digest


Both: they are great both ways


I don't like veggies, I need to try new ones!


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You're a carrot! Known for being vibrant and delicious, you are a crowd favorite!


You're spinach! Full of iron, you are know for being strong and can take on anything!


You're broccoli! You might not be a favorite, but you are full of great qualities!


You're lettuce! You are a multi-purpose, do it all kind of person!