What Kind of Wind Are You?

Are you a generally happy person? Are you a creative person? Or are you emotional? Taking this quiz will help you find out what type of wind you are. 

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Which word best describes you?











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How do you make decisions?

I always check the metrics. Numbers don't lie.


I follow my gut and go with my instinct. Life is short.


Everything correlates to my grand vision. I'm always calculating and collecting pieces to my puzzle.


I choose the path that provides the greatest improvement or solution to a societal issue.


I go with the flow.


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Which organization could you picture yourself leading?

Whole Foods








Home Depot


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What is your greatest strength?

My execution


My network


My brand


My imagination


My smarts


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What is your greatest weakness?

I've been told that I'm intimidating.


I don't always listen to outside advice.


Weakness? What weakness?


I don't always give my team the credit they deserve.


I lack the ability to work with others


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Which problem do you want to solve?

There's an asteroid coming towards earth. It will destroy us within the next 100 years. You need to find a planet that is habitable and start moving everyone there or find a way to destroy the asteroid.


There are millions of people unemployed and starving. You need to find a way to create enough jobs for everyone and then make sure each individual is connected to one that suits his/her greatest strengths.


You're running a Fortune 100 corporation, but profits have been declining over the past five years. Customer feedback shows that your processes are over complicated and they can never find the solution they're looking for.


You know you have the ability to move a lot of people towards your vision, but you need to figure out a way to get them to notice you.


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Pick your favorite quote.

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito."


"Build your business success around something that you love -- something that is inherently and endlessly interesting to you."


"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."


"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well."


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You are Gusty Wind!

You are a gusty wind, you're not too windy, but you're still windy. You are opinionated but kind to others.

You are Breezy Wind!

You are a breezy wind, the kind everyone likes. You enjoy doing things for not only yourself but also others to make them happy.

You are Calm Wind

You are calm wind. The type of wind to possibly make someones day. Unlike Breezy wind, you are most happy when making others happy.

You are Raging Winds!

You are raging winds. Raging winds are crazy, much like you. You don't like being told you're wrong, but you will accept it.

You are a Tornado!

You are a tornado. You have issues working with others most likely, it might be a good idea to visit a therapist.