What Nail Art Should I Get Quiz

Need help picking a nail design? Take this quiz!

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Which best describes you? 







1 / 7

Where would you love to vacation?



The Alps




Great Plains


Machu Picu


San Fran


2 / 7

What colors look best on you?

Warm Colors


Cold Color










3 / 7

Choose a puppy!

Blanket Pupper


Fluffer Pupper


Box Puppo


Selfie Doggo




Hmm... Doggo


4 / 7

Choose a pair of shoes







5 / 7

What's for dinner?

A healthy, balanced meal


Fancy pastas + Wine


Responsibly farmed salmon


6 / 7

A great date night is...

Fitness date


Candle-lit dinner


Spontaneous vacation


7 / 7

Hand Painted

You're looking for a design that will wow, but won't inhibit your mobility with extensions or large stones. Try looking up images based on your favorite TV shows, the current season or an upcoming holiday. Then bring your design ideas to your nail artist and watch the magic unfold! You can find the studio closest to you by clicking the button below!

Baby Boomer

Like a timeless love story or a beautiful sunset, your style stands the test of time. Your style is not overly complicated, but it looks marvelous, just like the subtle ombre of the baby boomer nail colors. Not too classic like a french, but still natural and neutral to keep it chic. If you want you can add a stone or too for some more pizzaz! Check our studio list to find the closest nail art studio to you!


You manage to create an over-the-top look out of nearly anything. You take pride in being yourself all the time and don't mind if people stare. Holographic nails are the latest nail trend you should take on to keep shining the way you do. You can keep it plane Jane, or you can add stones for even more sparkle. Also, most advanced studios have the powder, so it's easy to get to matter where you are! Check our studio list to find the one closest to you!


You want to be on-trend, but you need to look professional in your day-to-day. Geometric nail art is a great way to express your style without attracting too much attention to your nails. There are a ton of geometric design online, and a few studios that specialize in geometric nail art. You can find these studios on our blog by clicking the button below!


You're ready to go big or go home! Length and strength are no object to your lifestyle. You want to mesmerize the world with your sparkling personality and the crystals to match! It sounds like you're ready for long coffin or pointed extensions, with a boat load of rhinestones on top. Click below to find the best studio to get your nails blinged out!


You're the one who is first to spot the movie's plot twist, but is happy to re-watch your favorite shows even though you know all the lines. Your style may look ordinary at first glance, but those lucky enough to get close soon discover it's anything but. Adding a little matte to your nails would complete your look. If you want to add a little illusion, ask your stylist to use the matte to make your nails look like chocolate! Check our studio list to find the best nail salon closest to you!