What Realm Do You Belong To?

How Your Spiritual Realm Can Help You Show Up in the World

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Which of these are you best at?

Teaching people


Caring for animals and plants


Helping people


Empathizing with people


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Which of these careers most appeals to you?

Medical Professional








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What do you do for fun?

Go out with friends


Stay In and Watch Movies


Go outside


Go to lecture or read a book


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How's Your Energy

Tired or fatigued easily


Super sensitive to others' energy


Intense or Dark


Light and full of energy


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What is your relationship ideal?



In love with your computer


In love with your pet


In love with your work


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How do you want to change the world?

Helping those who need it


Representing the under-appreciated


Making life easier for others


Educating the next generation


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Incarnated Angel

Incarnated Angels tend to be those who help as part of their profession such as teachers, counselors, nurses and flight attendants, have issues with weight, have a hard time saying no when asked to help, and enjoy anything related to angels.


Elementals tend to be rebellious, get into mischief or have great senses of humor. They sometimes have addiction issues. They love being in nature and/or around animals and have strong opinions about those who hurt the planet. They tend to be entertainers and emphasize playfulness and joy.


Starpeople also known as starseeds typically claim they want to go home but don't necessarily know where that is. They usually have an intense attraction to the night sky and heavens. They are typically in jobs where kindness is needed, so they can appear literally anywhere. They usually experience a point in their lives where they feel that they were sent here for something greater or have a greater purpose than just doing the day to day tasks.

Wise Ones

Wise Ones are usually those we describe as intense, exotic and eccentric. Their eyes are penetrating and they usually have an air of mystery about them. They recognize they are different but they embrace it. They are the ones that seem to always have the answers and advice for others. They are usually drawn to metaphysics, the magical and the mystical.