What Role Do You Have in Social Epidemics?

How little things can make a big difference

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Are you an introvert or an extrovert?





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Would you consider yourself a specialist in school or are you relatively equal in most subjects?

I'm really good at one particular subject in school


I have equal strength in most of my school subjects


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You go to a really good restaurant, what do you do?

I tell as many people as possible!


I will tell a few people and really try to persuade them on the new restaurant.


I don't really tell anyone, less waiting for me!


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Do you go out of your way to help people?

Yes, of course!


If I have time...


Not usually


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Are you still close with people from your childhood? (At least 2-3 people)





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Do you take advantage of sales, deals in stores?

Yes! I always love looking for sales, I'll often wait until something is on sale before I even buy it


I always look out for sales, but that doesn't mean I won't buy something that isn't on sale.


I shop without regards to possible sales


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What field of work interests you most?







Human resources


Show business (movies, Broadway)




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What picture is the most comforting to you?



New York


Breakfast in Bed


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What best describes you

I love meeting new people, remembering names, having ties anywhere I go!


I have a select group of friends I stay with


I enjoy talking to people but usually they are the ones who approach me


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What fact is the most surprising to you?

Anyone who has ever acted, can in some way be linked to Kevin Bacon in an average of 2.8 steps (steps meaning connections to people) (this person worked with this person who worked with another person who worked with Kevin Bacon)


Due to a Brazilian frost, coffee has risen in price from $2.89 to about $6


When watching the news, if a news anchor has a particular expression for one subject over another, you as a listener are more likely to agree with the anchor (these actions can be as small as smiling when the person talks about a political candidate) 


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You most closely resemble a Maven!

Mavens are specialists within a particular field. They love to collect information and pass on their knowledge to others just because of sheer will. You are likely the person to tell a few people about a particular restaurant or hotel you feel strongly about, and maybe you can even get a few of those people to take your advice. A maven is someone who doesn't want to necessarily persuade you, rather educate and help you. Having a loyal group of people that trust in your opinion is critical in starting word of mouth epidemics.

You most closely resemble a Connector!

A connector is someone who knows a large amount of people and often in many different social groups. They know many acquaintances and keep "weak ties" with them throughout the years. Connectors likely still keep in touch with childhood friends. Being able to reach a large amount of different types of people are critical in spreading information from word of mouth epidemics quickly.

You most closely resemble a Salesman!

A salesman is someone who is extremely persuasive and usually has an optimistic attitude. They can even unknowingly pass on their charismatic attitudes to other people when having a conversation. Salesman are capable of "selling" their opinions and advice to others. This is critical in making people want to join a word of mouth epidemic.