What's your creative personality?

Find out whether you're a dreamer, realist or spoiler.

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1. Which section of a bookshop do you make a bee-line for?

a) Fiction


b) Non-Fiction


c) I don’t read 


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2. Do you think you’re spontaneous?

a) Yes, I often get up and go last minute


b) Sometimes, I like to have rough plans in place


c) Never, my plans are set in stone


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3. When presented with a problem at work, how do you approach it?

a) I think about the problem for a long time before trying out some of my ideas


b) I’ll do some research about the problem, and run-through different responses in my head


c) I’ll ask co-workers if they have been in a similar situation and see which response had the best result.


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4. What is most important to you?

a) Being happy


b) Owning a home and being in a secure job


c) Being successful in my career


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5. How often do you take risks in your work?

a) I like to live dangerously


b) I take calculated risks sometimes


c) Never, I’d rather have all the facts before taking action


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6. You have to send an important email to a client; how do you approach this?

a) Type it out and hit send


b) Spend some time thinking about what to say and proof-reading the email


c) Plan out point-by-point what needs to be said and get a co-worker to double check that nothing has been missed


6 / 6


Your creative process is more balanced. You come up with creative ideas but think practically and examine them before saying it.


You come up with fantastical ideas. There's no filter – you just say the first idea that comes to mind.


You like to be critical when coming up with creative ideas. You pick apart an idea and evaluate it for any impracticalities.