What's Your Marketing Spirit Animal?

Is your marketing style helping or hurting your business?

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Which describes your current social media stream TODAY?

Mostly promotional


All business


Fun, fun, fun!


Interesting and helpful


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How Far in Advance Do You Plan Your Content?

I rarely schedule my content


Do you want to see my 5 year plan?


I'm constantly forgetting to post


I've got the next few weeks covered


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How Many People Do You Interact with on Social Media Each Day?

I reply to people occassionally


What do you mean... interact?


Hundreds every hour


Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot


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Whose Expertise Are You Sharing?

It's all about me


I just quote celebrities


My own content with a dash of others'


I repost fun content!


4 / 6

My Main Purpose on Social Media is:

Visibility for my brand


To stir up some fun


To help and to draw people into a closer relationship with my brand


To ensure my content is everywhere it's supposed to be


5 / 6

How Much Time Are You On Social Media Each Day?

About 15 minutes


I check in at least every other day


Most of my day is spent on social media


Between 2-4 hours


6 / 6



Elephants are definitely relational and don't mind being social for a little bit. Because you may be focused on the "task" of social, you may just throw it all out there and pray something works. While you are sharing some good content, it may be that you are really on social just to promote your stuff. While that is one of the reasons to be here, being social and connecting intentionally with people to begin a relationship is a big part of the reason to be on a social media channel.
Having a plan that includes more than "posting content," is important. Find ways to share interesting and helpful content that draws people in to want to know more about you and your brand. Perhaps a blog post with a call-to-action inviting someone to download a resource guide that ties in. Now when you have their email address, follow up via email to personally invite them to watch a video or attend a webinar with more helpful information.


The Playful and, Often Missing a Strategy, DOLPHIN.

You are all about SOCIAL. Dolphins are social and playful by nature, so social media is a great reef of conversations and friendships for you to explore. You love reading how people are doing and commenting on their posts throughout the day. You promote other people share lots of their posts. While this is great some of the time, you do want to make sure people are clear on what your expertise is and see content that is relevant to them.
A strategy and daily activity plan will help you stay on track. Spend time commenting and being social and then be sure to mix in your content and draw people to your website or other spot to learn how they can work with you. After all, that is one of the reasons we are on social media channels....isn't it?



Owls are wise and filled with knowledge, but you can be a bit too focused on a task that you miss the opportunity to be social. You share a lot of business content on your social channels... almost all serious business content. Don't forget it is called SOCIAL media, not SERIOUS media. While sharing your business content is important, lighten up a little and ask more questions, invite people to share their stories or photos that tie into your industry. Look for fun holidays that tie into your industry.
If you have your content planned out so far in advance you may miss the opportunity to be spontaneous and connect in the moment with fans and followers.


The Interesting and Informative ZEBRA.

Zebras are very social by nature. They stay together in order to be helpful you seem to have that down. Sharing interesting and helpful content draws others to you and they see you as an expert in your industry.
You plan your content and probably have campaigns to draw people into sales funnels to further personalize your contact with them through email, video and other mediums. Don't let your guard down, keep up the good work!