What's Your Mompreneur Style?

Want to find out which of the 4 Mompreneur styles you fit into? 

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Which of these superpower would you rather have?

The ability to think at the speed of light and create more ideas faster.


To see into the future.


To be able to have people magnetize towards you through your cunning persuasive superpower.


The superpower to multiply what you have by 100 with just a touch.


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When you think about the future, what do you see?

I see my future as uncertain. The world is changing quickly, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make a good living.


There is too much competition. Today success is harder to achieve.


It’s easier than ever to develop new ideas, but I don't have enough time or money to make it happen.


I believe nothing is truly scarce and I know that access to key resources is abundant.


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How do you set goals?

I set goals I know I can achieve. They are realistic and safe. I don't like to take risks on my goals.


I frequently have bold ideas I’d like to try, but once I fail at reaching a goal, I get discouraged and give up.


When I set a goal, I “shoot for the moon,” but I haven’t been able to find the time or money to make it happen.


I set big and audacious goals and go for broke. I frequently achieve the goals I set.


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What is your purpose as a Mompreneur?

My goal is to make money. I pursue any business opportunity that helps me make money, even if it doesn’t inspire me.


I dream of starting a passion-based business, but many of my interests simply aren’t viable money makers.


Business is a means to generate cash. I believe in my ability to do good in the world and I use some of the money I make to help others and chase my dreams.


My business is guided by passion, purpose, and a drive to transform the world.


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Choose the closest example that best describes you.

I constantly study what other people are doing and I frequently implement the proven strategies of other entrepreneurs.


I use proven techniques to build, grow, and scale my business, but they never seem to work as well as other people who are doing the same thing as me.


I’m an “idea machine.” I frequently come up with new ideas, but I rarely have the time or money to implement them.


I am a rockstar at the idea creation process. I’ve developed a diverse team, and I constantly encourage them to present new ideas and perspectives.


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Mompreneur You

A Mompreneur understands exactly what it takes to raise a business and 'ohana simultaneously.

You’ve abandoned all the negative excuses of not having enough time, my kids take up a lot of my time, and so forth. You found a way to MAKE time.

Setting "unrealistic" goals is your standard and failure has become your favorite "F" word. Failure is something you embrace, not a threat to worry about.

Your only mission is to always fail forward, taking risks few moms are willing to take.

You have built a team that helps to push you forward because you know this is a journey you can't take alone.

You believe in abundance and know you are worthy of it. The world is ripe for opportunity and you’re capable of achieving more now than ever.

Overall, you’re excited to innovate and move forward into a bright future for you and your 'ohana.

Mastering all things 'ohana, business, and life takes time, but as an aspiring Mompreneur, you’re on the right track.

The Safe Mompreneur

The Surviving Mompreneur plays safe.

For you, progress is about slow and steady growth. You set conservative goals you know you can accomplish.

Driven by profit and fueled by the dream of wealth, you run your business for money, perhaps taking on less than desirable clients, working on projects you’re less than passionate about, or embracing business opportunities for the money alone rather than your personal interests.

It’s likely you’re using a step-by-step, linear process to guide your current business and new entrepreneurial ventures.

Think for moment about how you set goals, make decisions, and define success.

Every process, solution, and idea is implemented one step at a time. Like counting from one to ten, you map out to-do lists and create short term, easily achievable goals, with long-term destinations leading from them.

You know where you’re going, but instead of “shooting for the moon,” you play it safe—copying and pasting the proven models of other entrepreneurs.

Somewhere deep down you’re worried about your business failing, about falling behind as you watch so many startups and other entrepreneurs in your industry jump ahead in great leaps, accomplishing 200%, 300%, even 1,000% or more growth than you.

Will your business stay afloat?

Yes, you study. Sure, you’re successful. But you’re still...just surviving.

We’re living in a world that’s rapidly changing and right now, you’re watching it pass you by.

You can either change with the world, or wait while the world leaves you behind.

Roller Coaster Mompreneur

We’ve all felt it before—the excitement of a new venture, the prospect and promise of incredible profit, a sure-fire idea fueled by your passion and purpose—it happens to all entrepreneurs when we think we’ve found everything we’re looking for.

You start the climb, riding high in the clouds.

Nothing can stop you.

Until an inevitable setback rears its ugly head and takes everything away.

You see chances to profit everywhere, every day you discover new opportunities, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stay motivated after experiencing defeat one too many times.

Occasionally, it feels like all of the bold ideas in the world are destined to fail. And then you look around and think about the number of up and coming Mompreneurs who completely transform their industry (and maybe even the world), profiting through a passion and pursuit of big crazy ideas.

Your next idea comes, a new business opportunity looms around the corner, and you take it.

But each and every time, a new obstacle sets you up for failure and your perfect plan turns into a perfect storm, ripping through your passion, and destroying your dreams.

You’ve had some highs. But you’re sick and tired of the setbacks—the “lows.”

The scariest part may not even be the failure you experience or the discouraging looks of your friends, your family, and your peers who hate to see you fail again and again. No. The worst part might actually be what you tell yourself. And in the end, the chance that you may just stop chasing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Why does it seem like some people are able to create infinite ideas capable of transforming the marketplace and changing the world as we know it?

The Over-Thinking Mompreneur

What do you have in common with Oprah, Rachel Hollis, and Jenna Kutcher?

You have the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year as they have.

The only thing is, they accomplish at minimum 1,000x more each and every day than you’re currently capable of.

As the over thinking Mompreneur, you have plenty of ideas. Big, bold, crazy goals so audacious that they just might be able to change the world.

Fueled by your passions, your interests, your desire to profit and keep moving forward, you’re always on the lookout for new information, ideas and perspectives. You try to stay ahead of the game, and often, you do.

You believe your ideas can be insanely profitable, and you’re right. Some of them you can even scale infinitely, growing your wealth, improving your life, satisfying all of your dreams.

But at the end of the day, you realize there’s just not enough time to get everything done.

People may have told you it’s because you need to delegate better. Or you should do time blocking. You’ve practiced all those productivity things, you’ve reached out in different Facebook groups, but still you’re stuck wishing there was more time in the day.

Do you ever wonder how moms like Rachel Hollis do it?

If you’ve ever thought that they were able to create more time out of thin air—you’re right.

There is a way to create more time in the day.

And today’s thought and business leaders are using it to accomplish much more than you could ever imagine is possible.

Leveraging your knowledge that entrepreneurship is a world of uncertainty and it is not a straight line EVER, you can build a business empire just like Oprah—one that makes others ask you:

“Where do you find the time?”