What's Your Motivation Style?

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You decide you should start studying more. What do you actually do?

I start studying regularly.


I study when I feel like it.


I come up with an important reason why I can't study more.


I spend my time scouting out study spots and researching study hacks instead of studying more.


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When it comes time to work on a big assignment you...

Start working on it immediately.


You think the project is stupid, and complain about it.


You feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your next steps.


You spend so much time thinking about your project that you run out of time and end up rushing to get it done last minute.


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Which person are you in a group project?

I'm the one who does all the background research because I want to be certain I trust our sources.


I don't really contribute as much as I should.


I do my work, pick up the slack for other group members, and take the lead on the in-class presentation.


I make a checklist of what needs to be done, delegate the tasks to other group members, and make sure the biggest priorities are taken care of.


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Which of the following sounds the most like you when it came to choosing your major.

I asked my friends and family what they think about my choice and usually ended up letting that dictate my decision even if it's not what I really want.


I have a clear idea of what I want to study and do after graduation and I'm going for it.


I've researched the best career paths and I'm choosing a practical major even if it's not what I really want.


I hate that I have to choose a major. I wish I could just study whatever I want to.


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When I see my to-do list for the entire week all at once, I feel a little overwhelmed.

OG yes! It's too much to think about.


No, I actually feel more on top of things when I can see what I need to do all at once.


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The Perfectionist

A perfectionist is someone who really wants to avoid making mistakes. They usually are motivated by their own inner expectations and question the expectations of others. As a perfectionist, you need to make sure something makes sense and is “right” before you are motivated to do it.

You are most motivated when you feel like you have all the information, tools, and skills you need to produce perfect work. You feel most comfortable when you have a clear understanding of your next best steps and feel confident that you will avoid mistakes.

Your Signature Procrastination Move…

Analysis Paralysis--Because your natural tendency is to question and make sure that your choices are right, you tend to get stuck in the cycle of seeking information, questioning the information, seeking out more information, and questioning that information. It leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed and uncertain of what to do next because you fear to make a wrong choice.

This week focus on taking action even when you might not produce A+ work. I know this may sound bonkerballs, but B- work usually gets the job done. Plus, making mistakes is one of our top ways to learn and grow.

The Go-Getter

A go-getter is someone who finds it fairly easy to get motivated by both their own and others expectations. This means you might find it pretty easy to hold yourself accountable.

You are most motivated when you have space to map out your day in detail. You tend to be a smaller picture person and can get overwhelmed with all the things on your plate when you see more than one day’s to-do list at the time.

Your can-do spirit can sometimes make you stick to your systems and schedules because you know how to make it happen, this might mean you can be inflexible when it comes to working with others. This is especially true if you ever found yourself thinking “It’s just easier if I do it myself.”

Your Signature Procrastination Move...

Over-Scheduled--Because you crush it at getting stuff done, you might overestimate just how much you can get done. Which leaves you feeling exhausted, stressed, sick, or pushed to burnout. Once you hit burnout mode, it can be really hard to stay motivated.

This week focus on not completely filling every nook and cranny of your schedule with things you need to do. Build in true downtime each day.

The Pleaser

A pleaser is someone who is more motivated by what others think or expect, over what you want or expect for yourself. This means you can feel like you’re on a hamster wheel and you can’t seem to find your way off of it. You always have So much going on and SO much to do.

You are most motivated when you have a solid weekly game plan. You are a big picture thinker who needs a bird’s eye view of your commitments so you can feel in control and keep track of all the moving parts.

Your Signature Procrastination Move...

FOMO--Fear of Missing Out. Fear of disappointing someone else. Fear of not being liked. You aim to please other people. This might mean that when someone else asks you to do something you have a super hard time say “nah, I’ve got stuff to do”.

This week focus on saying no to things that only meet the needs or expectations of others. Instead, try to commit to those things that nurture and serve you. Pay special attention to the amount of time and energy say “no” once in a while frees up in your life.

The Nonconformist

A nonconformist is someone who does not conform to any prevailing norms or expectations. They highly value authenticity and originality and tend to be motivated by what feels most true to themselves.

You work at your best with a daily game plan because it gives you a chance to make each and every day whatever you want it to be.

When someone tells you what to do your motivation to do it declines, and when someone tells you that you can’t do something, you become fueled by a strong desire to prove them wrong. This is especially true if you’ve found yourself thinking “I’ll show them”.

Your Signature Procrastination Move…

Flying By the Seat of Your Pants--The thought of doing the same thing day in and day out makes you want to gouge your eyes out. You do not like routine. You find it hard to use a planner, you hate following a formula, and you really just want to do what you want to do. You want to keep life flexible and spontaneous.

This week work on sticking to a loose daily plan. Commit getting 1 important task done a day. By the end of the week, you’ll have 5 high priorities things checked off your to-do and you’ll have preserved your spontaneity.