What's Your Pregnancy Personality? 

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How do you relax?





Clean/ De-Clutter




Watch TV


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How did you find out you were pregnant?

I tested everyday!


My period was late, so I tested


It was obvious, but I tested anyway just to be sure


My doctor told me


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What are you craving the most?



Chinese Food


Burger & Fries








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Just How Preggo Are You?



I Got This!


I Have to Do What?


Why am I Sick All the Time??


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When did you pick your baby's name?

Years ago!  


Still deciding - nothing sounds right!


Almost immediately after finding out I was pregnant


I won't know until the baby is born.  Don't want to jinx anything!


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How many pregnancy books have you read?



1 or 2 books recommended to me by friends and family


A lot! I am constantly look out for information.


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Han-gry Mamma

The Han-gry Mamma loves to eat and indulges all of her cravings! She's constantly coming up with new food inventions to to satisfy her appetite, and isn't afraid to visit multiple restaurants if the mood strikes her.

Moody Mamma

The Moody Mamma has mixed emotions about pregnancy. She's struggling with the changes to her body and emotions. One minute she feels fat and the next just fabulous.

Forgetful Mamma

The Forgetful Mamma has pregnancy brain to the max! She can't remember where she last saw her phone or key. Sometimes she'll just forget to close her doors. She's even occasionally forgotten her own address! It's okay because she knows this forgetfulness will be over soon.

Level-Headed Mamma

The Levelheaded Mamma tends to keep her cool, even with all the ups and downs that come with pregnancy. She reads all the pregnancy books she can. While she may have cravings, doubts, and sleepless nights, she knows all that will pass and looks forward to meeting her baby.

Blissful Mamma

The Blissful Mamma has wanted to have a family her whole life! She enjoys every moment of her pregnancy, even the crazy stuff. The Blissful Mamma can't wait to have a big family!