What's Your Weekend Personality?

Are you go, go, go all weekend

or more likely to take it slow?

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Do you prefer April showers or April flowers?

Showers. It's a great excuse to lounge around.


Flowers. The blooms just put me in a great mood.


Both are spectacular to see!


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How likely are you to make weekend plans?

Not very likely. Impromptu fun is where it's at.


Some plans, but I'll leave some time unscheduled.


Event planning is my game.


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Which outdoor activity appeals to you most?



Bike riding




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What's the best part about the weekend?

Kicking back.


Kicking up my heels.


Kicking off a fun new project.


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Just Chillin'

It’s been a long week, and all you can think about is a little downtime. Maybe a movie, maybe a ballgame, but mostly likely catching up on sleep and sanity.

Venturing Out

Spring has sprung, and so have all the fun activities to do around town! Whether it's checking out the newest brunch spot or heading over to a friend's birthday bash, you're sure to be right in the middle of all that's weekend-worthy.

Extreme Weekender

No moment will go unnoticed, no plan unplanned, no party postponed. Wherever the action is, chances are you'll be at the center of it. After all, you can catch your breath on Monday.