What sector suits you in Automotive?

Take our quiz to find out what Automotive sector is best for you!

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What element describes you best?

Dealing with customers


Working with numbers


Being hands on


Working on a computer


1 / 7

What strength describes you best?

Attention to detail




Concern for others


Analytical thinking


2 / 7

What's the most important value to you?

Working conditions








3 / 7

What element describes you best?

Being technical


Problem solving




Being organized


4 / 7

How interested are you in working with customers?

Very Interested


Fairly Interested


I wouldn't mind


I would prefer to not work with customers


5 / 7

How do you best work?

In a team




Researching and making notes




6 / 7

Do you like planning and organizing?





7 / 7


Sales promotes vehicles, products and services with a view to selling a vehicle to a customer.


A vehicle mechanic is a very complex job that requires a large amount of training - usually 3 years.


Administration supports sales departments and service departments with various tasks.

IT & Web Development!

The automotive industry is underpinned by some of the most advanced technology in the world and it demands support from teams of IT professionals.

Finance & Accounting!

Finance and Accounting measures, processes and communicates the financial information about the business.

Marketing & Digital Communications!

Working in Marketing and Digital communication, you will use both online and offline methods of cummicating with customers.

HR & Recruitment!

Human Resources and Recruitment is all about people.

Customer Service!

Customer Service representative is the catch-all job title for many.

Logistics & Parts Distubution!

A job in Logistics and Parts Distribution involves organising and implementing complex operations ensuring adequate stocks of vehicle replacement parts and accessories.