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What type of Donuts do you like?

What type of donut would you be based on these types of donuts? 

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Question 1





1 / 11





2 / 11

Baked Donut 


Fried Donut 


3 / 11





4 / 11

Vanilla Frosting


Chocolate Frosting


5 / 11

Bavarian Cream Filled


Jelly Filled 


6 / 11

Cinnamon Sugar 




7 / 11

Sour Cream Doughnuts


Old-Fashioned doughnuts (normal cake doughnut)


8 / 11

Boston Cream Pie 




9 / 11





10 / 11

Any type of doughnuts


Ew doughnuts!!!


11 / 11

You love doughnuts!!!

You love donuts! If you could you would eat them everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If there wasn't diet restrictions that is.

You will only eat certain types of doughnuts

You will only eat certain types of doughnuts. You aren't really a fan of doughnuts but you will still eat only certain ones.

You don’t like doughnuts very much

You don’t like doughnuts very much. If you had an option between eating a doughnut and a breakfast sandwich you would eat the breakfast sandwich instead of the doughnut.