What type of meal should you serve?

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What's a reason you would miss lunch?

I feel unhealthy


I eat at regular intervals through the day so missing lunch isn't a big deal


I just forgot


There wasn't anything appealing to me


I've been eating too much recently


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How long do you go in between meals?

Sometimes up to a day


I eat 3 meals a day on average at the normal times


I eat every couple of hours


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How much time do you spend thinking about food?

Hardly any, food is just a medium to keep me alive


I think about it a little, mostly about what I'm going to eat


A lot, food is an emotional thing for me


Constantly, I live to eat!


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After a bad day at work, you feel like doing what?

Going to the gym


Getting a drink


Eating some comfort food


Spending time with family


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Reading a nutritional label makes you want to...

Learn more about how to be healthy so I can understand labels better


Eat everything!


Be healthier


Stop worrying so much about what I eat


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You don't think about what you are going to eat until...

It's time to eat


I think about what I'm going to eat all the time


Just a few minutes before it's time to eat


I plan ahead so I can eat healthy all week


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The Emotional Eater: Meat and Chips

Food is comfort, it's an escape from life that never lets you down. Dive into some fries or a burger and all the difficulties in life fade away.

The Food is Fuel Eater: Vegetable Salad

You eat to live, not live to eat. As everyday you privileged your health and there is no exception during your wedding.

The Miniature meal

Food is a detail in your marriage, You are not a big eater so why would you spend time and money in something that you don't need? Pick some crackers and salads they will do the job.

The Food is My Greatest Pleasure Eater

FOOD is delicious. You enjoy your eating and can't imagine life without good food and for your big day you want to please your guests with a big meal.