What would be your go-to natural style?

Take this quiz to find out what hairstyle will be best for you once you go officially natural.

Find out

The thought of going out with no product in makes you...

Upset! NO WAY!


Who cares?? I should take pictures for Instagram


I hope I have time to finish it later...


I will be self-conscious all day


1 / 5

Your favorite type of natural hair beauty blogger is...





Jasmine Brown


None of the above


2 / 5

When you think of going natural you think...

Too much work!


Sounds fun


A fresh start...


It'll benefit me in the long run


3 / 5

Which of these statements best describes your goal for your hair:

I want my hair to be cute


I want to be able to talk about my journey online


I want it to be moisturized and Healthier


I want my hair to grow longer


4 / 5

Which of these are you most likely to purchase next?

New shoes or clothes




A notebook or journal


Something for my boo


5 / 5

Space Buns !

You are out of this world ! Your hair wants to be unique, so slick it up and wear it out with this galaxy like style!

All out !

Fueled by your passions, your interests, your desire to be free, it shows in you curls! Go all out and figure out your weekly wash and go style!

Rubber bands !

You set the trends and we follow! You bring excitement and color in a seemingly drab world. But your patient enough to work with this style, with a little trial and error you can do it! Don't forget to lay your edges with this child-like look!

The low ponytail bun !

This look is super official yet super YOU ! You want your hair out of your face so you can get to work! Slick your hair back, lay your edges, and put your curls in a bun for this everyday laid back style!