Which college major is right for you?

Use this college major quiz to help potential students find their best major, then link to your resources for that major so you can create a connection with the student and help them make their decision on where to attend college!

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Quiz Transcript

Which college major is right for you?

Answer a few questions about your preferences, learning style, and goals. Then we’ll match you with the best possible college major that you’ll enjoy and will lead to a career that brings fulfillment.

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Which of these energizes you most? 

Solving complex problems


Working with people towards a goal


Creating beautiful things like art or Minecraft worlds


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Would you rather be famous or wealthy? 





Neither of those really interests me


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What type of work environment do you imagine yourself in? 

A flexible workplace, remote-friendly and collaborative


I’d like to work in a physical location and see the same people every day


I want to have my own home studio where I can create


I’d like to travel for work and meet all kinds of new people


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Who’s career would you aspire towards? 

Barack Obama - President of the United States


Elon Musk - Founder of Tesla and SpaceX


Anthony Fauci - Infectious Disease Specialist


Oprah Winfrey


Johnny Ive - Apple Designer


Sara Blakeley - Founder of Spanx


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Which of these current issues are you most passionate about?

Inequity in the justice system


Corporations putting profits over people


Disease and chronic pain affecting people’s quality of life


The lack of beauty and creativity in our world


Mental health and the lack of joy you see around you


Unnecessary issues in the world due to lack of technological innovation


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What do you find yourself watching on YouTube?

“How it’s made”


“Day in the life”


Home Tours


Live concerts


Political commentary


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What type of college experience do you imagine for yourself?

Study groups, late-night gaming sessions, fun times with friends


Being part of a sorority/fraternity, living it up!


Joining a professional group, networking, but still having fun!


Heads-down, graduate fast, make my way into the world


Joining an artistic group and creating together while we get our degrees


7 / 7

Your Recommended Major: Computer Science 

You enjoy solving complex problems and bringing order to chaos. What excites you is the idea of taking a problem that seems insurmountable and other people might not want to deal with, and then turning that problem into an elegant solution that improves the lives of others.

Computer Science is a prestigious choice that has nearly unlimited potential in the world for the coming decades. As we move towards an AI-powered world full of technology, majoring in Computer Science is a great choice.

Here at Beatolay University we have one of the premier computer science programs in the world, and our professors come from around the world to bring their knowledge and experience into the program. As part of the computer science major here at Beatolay you’ll get to immerse yourself in every cutting-edge technology of our time and learn in real life as you also build foundational knowledge so you can launch off into a great career after school.

Your Recommended Major: Pre-med 

You are passionate about using your smarts to benefit other people and enjoy the process of solving difficult problems in the pursuit of the greater good. The idea of working with people to improve the lives of others brings you joy and when paired with the immense knowledge you’ll gain as a Pre-med student it is the perfect fit for you.

The world of medicine is ever-evolving, especially as technology advances and makes its way into every aspect of health. With your ability to quickly adapt and problem-solve on the go, you’ll be primed to be a perfect addition to the medical workforce with your Pre-med degree.

Here at Beatolay University we have one of the most immersive Pre-med programs in the country, you’ll get to work with real-life scenarios from year one and pair your in-class experience with real-world practical applications.

Your Recommend Major: Political Science 

When you talk, people listen. You are the type of person who has a perspective on every issue and it’s worth listening to. Political Science is a perfect fit for you because it will put you in lots of scenarios to share your ideas and be in spaces where your voice makes a difference.

Politics is intertwined with everything in our world, and change for the better always runs through the political system. Society needs people like you to be involved and bring your opinions, perspectives, and leadership.

Here at Beatolay University we believe in the power of collaboration and our Political Science program is highly immersive. You’ll interface directly with peers, faculty, and alumni as you start your journey towards a rewarding career in politics.

Your Recommended Major: Business/Economics 

You see the opportunity in every situation and can envision the future possibility of each scenario you find yourself in. You’re someone who enjoys taking the impossible and turning it into reality through hard work and problem solving.

The world runs on economics and you are the future version of that world. You can bring your unique perspective and strengths into the market and make an impact on how business operates by putting your particular take into play.

Here at Beatolay University, we have one of the premier business schools for providing you with a real-world ready experience. You’ll look at case studies of companies that have succeeded and failed in the past.

Your Recommended Major: Design/Graphic Design 

You have an eye for design and aren’t afraid to use it. You’re the type of person who just arranges things in a way that looks great on the first try and it’s just part of who you are. You also find joy in creating beauty which is perfect because it’s a gift that you have.

The world needs more beautiful designs, and you’re part of the next generation that will deliver design in new and innovative ways. No matter what else happens, art will always be invaluable, good thing it’s a strength of yours!

Here are Beatolay University we take design just as seriously as any other major, it’s not easy to make beauty out of chaos after all! Our design programs are comprehensive and vertically integrated so you can learn foundational skills across all design foundations, then choose certain areas to dive in deeper.

Your Recommended Major: Performing Arts

You can light up any room, bring joy to any crowd, and you’ve always had a special ability to find what makes people smile. You find joy in bringing joy to others, and you’re truly gifted at it. The world needs people like you to lighten the mood, and we can all appreciate a story brought to life through performance.

Performance brings people together, it’s how we tell stories and plays a big part in the way we pass knowledge from one generation to the next. There will always be a demand for performance and that’s perfect because as you take the next step into your career post-college there are endless possibilities for what your future can look like.

Here at Beatolay University our performing arts programs are comprehensive, so whatever area of interest you find most interesting you can pursue it here. Our goal is to create a space where you can find yourself, connect with your creative energy, and flourish.