Which Crystal Symbolizes What You Mean to Other People?

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Two of your best friends are fighting. You:

Have them sit down together and hash out the problem. No one leaves until everything is settled!


Tell each you love them both and won't pick sides. They need to settle this on their own.


Focus! They're not the problem, the problem is the problem! Who is causing drama between your two friends? It's time to have a little talk with this person.


Ask them if this issue is really worth the drama. Let's get lattes instead.


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It's time for some Netflix. You pick:



Definitely a romcom


Bake Off!!!!


Nothing - I don't watch TV.


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You're adopting a puppy! You pick:



Saint Bernard!


Shiba Inu!




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Which ice cream flavor would you get:





Cookies and Cream


Mint Chocolate Chip


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Your friend borrowed your car. It comes back with a dent. You:

Ask if she's okay first!


Ask her what happened!


Come up with a plan on how she'll help get the dent fixed.


Let her start the conversation.


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Pick a Color:







All the colors of the rainbow


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Do you usually eat breakfast?







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Your friend drank a little too much at the party. You:

Get her a glass of water and some chips STAT.


Call a cab. Time to get her home!


Link arms. This is a buddy system party now.


She's having fun! But you're definitely gonna stay a few steps behind and watch out for her.


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Best bridesmaid dress color:

Blues tones


Pink tones


Gray tones


Whatever they want


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Your friend bursts out crying. You:

Ask what's wrong!


Hug her immediately!


Ask who upset her!


Grab the tissues - she's wearing a full face of makeup!


10 / 10

You Are: Crystal Quartz, the Healing Crystal

Crystal quartz types heal the spirit. They amplify the energy and effects of other crystals because they can empathize with each one. People find themselves replenished and invigorated when they spend time with you because you fill up the heart with healing energy!

You Are: Aquamarine, the Protective Crystal

Aquamarine symbolizes a courageous spirit. You protect other crystals with a lion's fearlessness and nothing could stop you from making sure everyone is okay! People know their hearts and souls will always be safe within your circle of protection.

You Are: Amethyst, the Balance Crystal

Amethyst represents calm and balance.You add the much-needed chill to any group, soothing hurt egos and bringing everyone back to a peaceful balance. People look to you for advice when they feel unsteady, and you're always there to provide wise words on how to stay the course.

You Are: Rose Quartz, the Love Crystal

Rose quartz is a symbol of unconditional love. The strength of your love keeps people light in the darkest times. They go to you for reassurance and validation, knowing your sincerity is one of the best gifts of all.