Which DIY Honey Mask Is Best For Your Skin Type?

Find out your skin type and get THREE custom DIY recipes.

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How often does your skin feel dry?





Sometimes in the winter


All year round


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You take a minute to freshen up during your lunch break. How is your skin doing midday?

Tight and a little itchy


A bit oily in the t-zone


Extra shiny/oily all over


No major change from the morning


2 / 9

What often irritates your skin?

My skin has a lot of stressors (new products, stress, weather changes, you name it)


The occasional product if it clogs my pores


Not much


Really dry weather


3 / 9

You ran out moisturized and have to do without today. How's your skin holding up?

No biggie, you're fine without.


Depends on the weather. If it's cold and dry outside, you really need that moisture.


You feel like something is missing, but you'll live. 


Your skin is super tight and feels like it's going to start cracking.


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How would you describe your pores?

Barely visible


Small to medium




They are huge


5 / 9

What kind of skin products will you splurge on?

An eye cream that decreases fine lines


A gentle but effective scrub or cleanser


A light and balanced moisturizer


A treatment that will keep acne and blemishes at bay


6 / 9

What's your history with pimples?

I can't get rid of them, and they come with lots of redness.


They come and go. Sometimes they are a big problem. 


I had them during puberty, but I'm good now.


Luckily, they've skipped me. 


7 / 9

You're on a long flight and can only carry one product to look and feel refreshed when you land. You grab:

Powder to decrease shine


Blotting paper for your t-zone


A hydrating face mist


Concealer or a spot treatment for your blemishes


8 / 9

How do you feel about physical exfoliants?

Great in moderation


My skin is really dull without them


They're okay, but my skin really prefers chemical exfoliants, especially if I'm breaking out


Ouch! They cause redness and irritation


9 / 9

Normal/Combination Skin

According to your answers, you are lucky to have balanced skin with minimal issues. Any blemishes may occur in your t-zone if you have combination skin. To keep your skin beautiful, check out your pantry for some sweet help. Here are three masks to incorporate into your regimen:

Oily/Acne Prone Skin

According to your answers, your skin is oily or acne prone. It may be a challenge to rid your skin of pimples, acne, and blackheads, as your skin produces lots of sebum. Rather than using heavy make-up or over-exfoliating (which eventually boosts sebum production), you can use honey, nature's best beautician. Here are three masks to try:

Sensitive Skin

According to your answers, you have to be very careful not to stress your sensitive skin. Calming masks may be a game changer for you. Here are three masks to start with:

Dry/Aging Skin

According to your answers, you have always had dry skin or you're at an age when skin produces less sebum, making it drier. Your skin can be prone to tightness and flaking if it's not properly moisturized. Here are three hydrating masks to help your skin feel smooth and soft: