Which Element Rules your Business?

Is your work ruled by:
 Earth - your systems
Air - your strategy

Water - your storytelling and connection
or Fire - your driving passion?

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 Congrats, you just signed a new client. What happens next?

I send them my kick-off email (personalized for them and our work), to start the client on-boarding process and outlining the signature, step-by-step process of our work together.


I write them an email outlining what we’ll do and where we start (I KNOW the steps but I start fresh for each new client relationship).


I get to work (they already told me what they want).


I ask them to tell me their schedule so we can set up a phone call. 


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Are you on track to meet your three key goals for this fiscal quarter?

I know some of those words!


I had a planning day at the start of the year where I mapped all this out, and I’m making progress, but I don’t have time to focus on it every day and I can’t really remember what the third thing was.


I’ve changed my priorities a bit because a new opportunity came to me, but everything is in line with the overall vision.


 I’m well on my way and have mapped out how to get there for each of my goals.


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How do you stand out from the competition? What sets your business apart?

My product’s basically the same as everyone else’s, but I have a winning personality and people like to work with me.


I looked at a lot of similar sites in the market, saw that they offered __X___ but that I (and a lot of other people) needed ___Y____. My business = X + Y.


I’m an expert in a specific niche and all of my marketing, messaging, and clients are from that group.


I think I’m unique and have something to offer, but I also think I look and sound like a million other business women and coaches I see online.


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I feel like a success when…

society (and/or my mother) thinks that I’m successful.


 I’m contributing something of real value and service to the people around me.


I’m doing something I find enjoyable and that I know I’m good at.


…I’m having trouble remembering the last time I felt successful.


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When you create new content, can your audience easily recognize that it’s yours?

Yes! I have a unique visual style and voice, and it’s consistent in everything I do.


Most of my stuff looks and sounds like it belongs together, and I stands out from the crowd.


I’m another voice in the sea of succulents, rose gold accents, and shiny script-y fonts online (I feel like I look like everyone – but that means I look like a pro).


I don’t have a consistent style. It’s more important to be authentic and create new things organically.


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Why did you start your business?

I want to set my own schedule and be my own boss, and my business is a means to that end.


I’m in it for the money, honey.


I’m not sure, it just sort of happened. I like all the different components of my work but I couldn’t tell you what drives me. I don’t really have a vision.


I have valuable skills and talents and am able to create real, lasting changes for my clients.


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Do you share your origins story with potential clients?

I don’t and shouldn't have to – I don’t like talking about myself and my work stands for itself.


My business has a presence, but I (as the owner) don’t make myself part of that story.


I bring my full, authentic self to work and that shows up in my messaging, and my origin story is a how people connect with me and my work.


I have a 100 word and a 500 word version of my bio and how I got here and sometimes I’ll share pictures of my puppy on Instagram.


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You run a social media campaign! How many new people visited your site from Instagram, and how many of them signed up for your list?

We had 3000 total visitors, 2000 new visitors, and 480 lead conversions from that campaign.


I know how to get these answers, and I know they're important, but I'm just too busy to track it regularly.


That’d be so good to know! …How do I do that?


I don’t have an email list.


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Right now, how do you feel about your business?

"This isn't just a job. This is my calling."


"I know I can do great things and I have big ideas - now I just need to make it real."


"I form amazing connections with people and change their lives, but with a better structure I could do so much more."


"I feel like I'm doing everything I'm supposed to day-to-day but it doesn't match up with what I thought it would be."


9 / 9

You're Ruled by Air

Air is the realm of intellect and strategy. You have a solid business plan, know your industry and the competition, and can rattle off your USPs and your KPIs at the blink of an eye.


Water is intuitive action, emotions and connection. It’s the feeling behind your business, and the connection you create with your customers. Don’t lose the chance for deeper relationships and connection while you’re pursuing your strategic plan.

Air holds Water in balance by creating direction and strategy driving each connection, and keeps your efforts in alignment with your goals, and keeping you from wallowing in wishy-washy emotions.

You're Ruled by Earth

Earth is the realm of the every day, steady effort, and monetary gain. Earth rules the things you DO. You have onboarding procedures and lead flow workflows on lock. You know your conversion rates and your last six months of expense reports.


Fire is your mindset and your passion. Don’t get so lost working in your business that you forget to work on your business. Remember why you started all of this in the first place.

Earth holds Fire in balance by offering solid, steady, effort to get results. If you only fuel fire with fire you’ll burn yourself out.

You're Ruled by Water

Water is the realm of relationships and emotion. You’ve mastered the art of storytelling and connection in your business. Your values and your communication are all in sync, and you know exactly how you’re making yourself known in the world, and trust yourself to take intuitive action. You powerfully resonate with your customers and they feel connected to you and your message.


Air is the realm of strategy and pure thought. Does your work need more structure and direction? Do you ever spin in circles because you don’t quite know where you’re supposed to go next? Tap into the Power of Air, and develop a plan to bring your business to the next level.

Water holds Air in balance by ensuring that there’s feeling and connection behind each tactic and strategic action.

You're Ruled by Fire

Fire rules your Why. You know your business is your calling, and you’re filled with passion and drive to bring your gifts to the world.


Fire is all potential, but it needs something to burn. Earth is the realm of processes and systems. Make sure you have the tools in place that you need to run your business and create the biggest impact with your work. Systematize your efforts and don't reinvent the wheel every time.

Fire holds Earth in balance by ensuring that you’re always in touch with your higher purpose, even during the mundane, daily actions of your workday.