Which Famous Opera Character Are You?

Are you like Figaro or more of a Rosina? Find out in our quiz!

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Your favorite city is...







St. Petersburg


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How would you desribe yourself? 













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Your favorite opera composer is?













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If you had to read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A Comedy


A Tragedy


A Sweeping Romance


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Your significant other is slipping away, what do you do? 

Use your cunning and wit to keep them.


Have a make-over and make them feel jealous!


Track them down and stand up to them.


Just let them get on with it, you don't really care. 


Come up with a cunning plan to trick everyone involved.


Fight whoever is stealing their attention... 


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Your worst personality trait is?





Hopeless Romantic






I don't have one


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Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro)

A loyal friend and lover you're deeply passionate about those you care about. Sometimes this means that you can become angry but usually you present it via romantic gestures.

Sharpless (Madame Butterfly)

Caring and compassionate you hate to see wrong-doing in the world, especially when its against the vulnerable. Your big heart makes you a hero among your friends!

Marcello (La Bohéme)

Deeply romantic you give your whole self to the ones you love. However this romanticism can lead you into jealousy... Be careful, and think before you act!

Alfredo (La Traviata)

You're a hopeful soul who looks at the world through rose tinted glasses. Although your naivety is cute, it can lead you into some awkward situtations.

Rosina (The Barber of Seville)

You're someone who knows what you want. Highly intelligent and incredibly witty you use your talents to achieve your goals.

Susana (The Marriage of Figaro)

No problem is too big when you have a brain like yours! Able to wriggle yourself out of any 'whoops' moment, you always seem to manage to come out on top.

Tatyana (Eugene Onegin)

Your inner strength is the key to your success. Although you have been through some hard times you have managed to turn it around and become a strong, independent and highly sophisticated person!

Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni)

Your morals set you apart from the rest of society. You move through life, and any sticky situations, with your integrity intact.

Carmen (Carmen)

You're a strong willed soul who doesn't like to be tied down. You live for freedom and will stop at nothing to achieve that.