Which Financial House do you belong in?

Take this short quiz to find out which financial house you belong in:

House of Goals, House of Riches, House of Hustle or House of Savers.

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What are you saving for?





My Own Business


For Emergencies/Retirement


1 / 10

If you won the lottery for 1 million dollars what would you do with it?

Put it towards your dreams


Spend it all immediately


Use it Sparingly


Invest it/Put into bank account


2 / 10

What type of account fits your lifestyle best?

Money Market Account


Checking Account


CD (certificate of deposit) Account


Savings Account


3 / 10

What would you dress up as for Halloween?









4 / 10

What about money scares you the most?

Living paycheck to paycheck 


Not having enough


Losing it all in an investment/bad deal


Someone stealing it/Fraud


5 / 10

What is your choice of beverage?

Hot/Iced Coffee


Pumpkin/Chai Latte




Hot/Iced Tea


6 / 10

How do you like to bank?

Online Banking


Cash only


Through investments


Traditional Banking


7 / 10

How would you rank yourself financially?

50-30-20 (50% towards rent/bills, 30% towards leisure, 20% towards savings)


Financially Independent


Have enough to spend/invest


Not a penny out of place


8 / 10

At this time, what kind of debt do you have the most of?

Home/Auto Loan




Credit Card


Student Loans


9 / 10

Which of these appeal to you in terms of money?

Gold Bar


Bag of Money


Wad of Cash


Piggy Bank


10 / 10

House of Goals

House of Goals - Like a Gold Bar you set high standards and goals for yourself to accomplish in order to live the highest quality of life. You are a go-getter and set out to get what you want.

House of Riches

House of Riches -Like a Bag of Money you have reached financial independence by securing all the riches in life and have little to no worries at all.

House of Hustle

House of Hustle - Like a Wad of Cash you are free flowing. You get the most out of your money through hard work and smart decisions.

House of Savers

House of Savers - Like a Piggy Bank you appreciate security and stability of knowing you will always have the resources for any type of emergency and know how to get through life on a budget.